The Master of Divinity Interdisciplinary allows you the flexibility to choose multiple areas of study to meet your learning and ministry goals. There are 11 different areas of study to choose from, spanning from Pastoral and Biblical Studies to Christian Education and Spiritual Formation. You can tailor your courses for specialized ministry needs or for general pastoral and leadership preparation.

Broaden your understanding

You will gain a solid foundation in theology and how to apply it as you actively engage your culture. You will study the Old and New Testament and Christian History. Greek or Hebrew language courses will help you uncover the depths of meaning and understanding of the Bible in its original language. Your analytical skills will be honed in Systematic Theology and Biblical Interpretation.

Practical Application

The degree is both academic and practical. Most of the professors are practitioners in their field so they can teach both the academics as well as how it applies to their field of expertise. Gospel, Church and Culture will challenge you to look at the church within a cultural context while the Interdisciplinary internship will give you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

Tailored to Your Calling

What is God’s calling on your life? If you are exploring God’s calling on your life, then this degree gives you the freedom to explore. For those who do feel called to a certain path that spans many of the 11 different areas of study, then this is also the degree for you. During your studies, you are not alone in figuring it out, a faculty advisor will support you in finding the right courses for where God is calling you.

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a three-year professional ministry degree that provides you with knowledge and skills to be an effective and holistic ministry leader. The MDiv blends academic study, mentored learning and practical experience in a comprehensive program that will prepare you for ordained ministry or for Christian leadership in its various forms.

MDiv students will acquire foundational preparation for ordained ministry and for Christian leadership in congregations and other settings. Students will:

  1. develop a breadth of knowledge and critical understanding of the theological disciplines;
  2. acquire capacities for understanding and engaging the cultural, social and global context of God’s mission in the world;
  3. experience personal and professional growth through a process of intellectual, spiritual and ministry formation;
  4. develop and hone skills for theologically reflective ministry practice in its various forms.

Program Requirements

Biblical Studies (5 Courses) 
  • BIBL 0501 Biblical Interpretation: Interpreting and Applying the Biblical Text
  • OLDT 0511 Old Testament Theology and History
  • NEWT 0522 New Testament Theology and History
  • OLDT ___ Old Testament course
  • NEWT ___ New Testament course
Biblical Language (3 Courses)
  • NEWT 0321 Elementary Greek I                 OLDT 0611 Hebrew Grammar I
  • NEWT 0322 Elementary Greek II     OR     OLDT 0612 Hebrew Grammar II
  • NEWT 0523 Greek Exegesis I                       OLDT 0711 Hebrew Exegesis I
Theology (3 Courses)
  • THEO 0531 Systematic Theology I
  • THEO 0532 Systematic Theology II
  • THEO ___ Theology course
Christian History (2 Courses) 
  • HIST 0561 History of Christianity I
  • HIST 0562 History of Christianity II
Ministry Formation (6 Courses)
  • CHED ____ Christian Education & Formation course
  • LEAD 0510 Leadership Development
  • INTD 0701 Interdisciplinary Major Internship
  • MISS 0782 Gospel, Church and Culture
  • SPIR 0700 Spiritual Formation
  • PAST  ____ Pastoral Ministries course
Interdisciplinary Courses (4 Courses)

Four Courses in the interdisciplinary major to be drawn from across the curriculum: BIBL, CHED, CHIN, COUN, HIST, LEAD, MISS, NEWT, OLDT, PAST, PENT, SPIR, THEO, YMIN.

      *These are to be chosen in consultation with the faculty advisor.

Electives (4 Courses)

Total Required Courses: 27

Whether you're interested in vocational ministry and leadership or personal study and enrichment, Tyndale offers a wide range of degree options that will meet your needs and goals.

Graduate Diploma** MTS
Master of Theological Studies**
Master of Divinity***
Master of Theology
Doctor of Ministry
A program geared toward adult learners interested in being equipped for ministry in their chosen profession A degree that will develop students' theological understanding for general educational purposes A degree designed primarily for those considering vocational, church-based ministry An advanced academic degree that provides an opportunity toexplore biblical, theological or historical studies in preparation for a PhD or ThD program An advanced professional degree designed for church leaders whose ministry will be integrated into their study and research Description
9 18 27 6 courses + thesis 6 intensive modules + a major project


1 year 2 years 3 years 1 year 3 years Duration*
Want to enhance your biblical and theological understandings in a setting that will engage your intellect and deepen your faith Are seeking a foundational graduate degree that can be utilized in a wide range of professional and ministerial contexts Wish to prepare for ordained ministry or for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings Have completed an MDiv or MTS and wish to enhance your ministerial and missional practice with additional scholarship, or prepare for further study at the doctoral level Have completed an MDiv or equivalent and are engaged in substantive ministry further developing your skills and capacities for effective leadership Pursue if...
* Program durations are based on a traditional, full-time course load of nine courses per year.
** Also offered in a modular format designed to meet the needs of students with full-time demands such as family, church or career.
*** Tyndale also offers an In-Ministry MDiv degree program for people who are engaged in part-time or full-time in vocational Christian ministry.
» Program Faculty

Dr. James E. Pedlar

Assistant Professor of Wesley Studies and Theology

BA (Hons), Queen’s University, 2002
MDiv, Wycliffe College / University of Toronto, 2005
PhD, University of St. Michael’s College, 2013

Areas of Specialization: Wesleyan theology, ecclesiology, unity and diversity in the church, renewal and reform movements.

James Pedlar joined the Tyndale faculty full time in 2013, having previously taught at Tyndale and Booth University College on a part time basis.  James loves teaching and is passionate about helping students understand how Christian theology has developed in response to the challenges that the church has faced throughout its history.

James is a Wesleyan theologian whose work focuses on ecclesiology – especially questions involving the place of renewal and reform movements in the church.  His doctoral dissertation explores the use of the Pauline concept of “charisms” as a way of thinking about the unique gifts that different movements bring to the life of the church as a whole.  He has published articles in The Asbury Journal, Ecumenical Trends, and Ecumenism. 

James is a Lay Minister at Wesley Chapel Free Methodist Church in Scarborough, where he leads worship and preaches regularly.  He has previously served with The Salvation Army, both as the director of a Canada-wide research project on young adult attrition, and as Community Ministries Director in the Quinte Region of Ontario.  He also served on the staff of the Commission on Faith and Witness at the Canadian Council of Churches.

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If you have completed a baccalaureate degree and wish to take graduate-level course you can become an occasional student or audit a course. Or if you are registered at another graduate theological institution and are eligible to take courses at Tyndale Seminary, you can submit a Letter of Permission.

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