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Master of Theological Studies - Newfoundland Extension


The Master of Theological Studies – Newfoundland Extension Program is an accessible way for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador to receive a comprehensive foundation in Christian theology, faith and ministry. Gain theological tools for thinking and living your faith as followers of Jesus Christ.


This program is designed to help you grow spiritually. You will see how academic learning and ministry development are integrated. The flexibility will ensure that you will earn a degree that is tailored to your own interests and goals.


The MTS – Newfoundland Extension Program provides you with the opportunity to take the majority of your 18 courses without leaving your home and ministry. Develop relationships with fellow students and professors through the in-class courses that are offered each year in Newfoundland. At least two extension courses will be held each year in Newfoundland in fall and winter. Extension courses are offered in one-week intensive formats or broken into two sessions totalling five days. Learn and grow as a community. Be challenged by your peers.

Work around your busy schedule to complete the program online.  Join other Canadian theological students by taking one-week intensive courses during the spring summer school or January Intersession at Tyndale’s campus. Experience Tyndale’s vibrant learning community in the multicultural and diverse city of Toronto.

The Master of Theological Studies is a two-year graduate degree that helps you understand the biblical, theological and historical foundations of the Christian faith. The MTS is flexible program that can be tailored to meet your learning and ministry interests, or help you prepare you for further studies. Students may select electives from across the curriculum, or use them to focus their studies in a chosen concentration.

Students completing the MTS program will acquire a broad understanding of the theological disciplines for Christian faith and practice. Students will:

  1. gain theological understanding and insight through study of the heritage of Christian scripture, history, theology and ministry;
  2. develop aptitudes for thinking critically, theologically and biblically in relation to faith, vocation and ministry; 
  3. acquire critical awareness of God’s mission in the world in its social, cultural and global contexts;
  4. demonstrate depth of understanding in a particular field (for those opting to concentrate in an area of study).

Program Requirements

For academic advisement regarding program requirements, please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Bradley Noel at bnoel@tyndale.ca

Tyndale’s courses are offered in a variety of convenient formats including courses in Newfoundland, online courses and intensive courses at Tyndale in January or at Spring Summer School.

Tyndale will provide 2 courses a year in Newfoundland. Fall Courses will be offered in a two-part intensive format (3 days October & 2 days November) and Spring courses will be offered in a 5-day intensive format in May. The following courses are currently scheduled to be taught in Newfoundland:

  • Spring 2013 Healing in the Christian Tradition
  • Fall 2013 Gospel of Luke
  • Spring 2014 Leading Through Conflict and Change
  • Fall 2014  Advanced Preaching Skills
  • Spring 2015 Pastoral Counselling and Crisis Intervention
  • Fall 2015 Special Topics in Theology

Required Courses

Bible, Theology and History Courses (7 Courses)
  • [BIBL 0501] Biblical Interpretation: Interpreting and Applying the Biblical Text
  • [HIST 0561] History of Christianity I
  • [HIST 0562] History of Christianity II
  • [OLDT 0511] Old Testament Theology and History
  • [NEWT 0522] New Testament Theology and History
  • [THEO 0531] Systematic Theology I
  • [THEO 0532] Systematic Theology II
Ministry Formation (3 Courses)
  • [LEAD 0510] Leadership Development
  • [MISS 0782] Gospel, Church, and Culture
  • [SPIR 0700] Spiritual Formation
Electives (8 Courses)

Total MTS Courses: 18


Program requirements subject to change.
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Whether you're interested in vocational ministry and leadership or personal study and enrichment, Tyndale offers a wide range of degree options that will meet your needs and goals.

Graduate Diploma** MTS
Master of Theological Studies**
Master of Divinity***
Master of Theology
Doctor of Ministry
A program geared toward adult learners interested in being equipped for ministry in their chosen profession A degree that will develop students' theological understanding for general educational purposes A degree designed primarily for those considering vocational, church-based ministry An advanced academic degree that provides an opportunity toexplore biblical, theological or historical studies in preparation for a PhD or ThD program An advanced professional degree designed for church leaders whose ministry will be integrated into their study and research Description
9 18 27 6 courses + thesis 6 intensive modules + a major project


1 year 2 years 3 years 1 year 3 years Duration*
Want to enhance your biblical and theological understandings in a setting that will engage your intellect and deepen your faith Are seeking a foundational graduate degree that can be utilized in a wide range of professional and ministerial contexts Wish to prepare for ordained ministry or for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings Have completed an MDiv or MTS and wish to enhance your ministerial and missional practice with additional scholarship, or prepare for further study at the doctoral level Have completed an MDiv or equivalent and are engaged in substantive ministry further developing your skills and capacities for effective leadership Pursue if...
* Program durations are based on a traditional, full-time course load of nine courses per year.
** Also offered in a modular format designed to meet the needs of students with full-time demands such as family, church or career.
*** Tyndale also offers an In-Ministry MDiv degree program for people who are engaged in part-time or full-time in vocational Christian ministry.
» Program Coordinator

Dr. Bradley Truman Noel

Director of Pentecostal Studies
Associate Professor of Christian Ministries

416.226.6620 Ext. 2144

DMin, Acadia University, 2014
ThD, University of South Africa, 2008
MA, Acadia University, 1998
MDiv, Acadia University, 1997
BA, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1993

Areas of Specialization: Pentecostal studies, youth ministry, contemporary culture, and postmodernism.

Dr. Noel has over a decade of experience as an educator and pastor. He comes to Tyndale having taught Distance Education for a number of years, during which he created a variety of in-person and online courses. Over the years, Dr. Noel has also been quite involved with youth, serving as youth pastor and as the provincial youth director for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador. He has taught both Junior and Senior High Youth Camps annually since 2001.

In the spring of 2014, Dr. Noel completed his Doctor of Ministry from Acadia University with a thesis on Pentecostalism, Secularism, and Post-Christendom. He completed his Doctor of Theology at the University of South Africa in 2008, with a focus upon Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics. He earned an MA (Theology) and a Master of Divinity (Pastoral) from Acadia University in 1998 and 1997, respectively. Dr. Noel is an alumnus of Tyndale’s Master of Divinity (Youth) program.

He is the author of Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics (Wipf&Stock, 2010), and is currently editing a forthcoming work on Pentecostalism, Secularism and Post-Christendom.

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» Program Faculty

Dr. Gary V. Nelson

President and Vice Chancellor

416.226.6620 Ext. 6700

BEd, University of British Columbia, 1976
MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1980
DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1987

Areas of Specialization: Missional Church, Leadership, Urban Missiology, Church Renewal and Revitalization.

Dr. Gary V. Nelson joined Tyndale on July 1, 2010 as President and Vice Chancellor after serving for ten years as General Secretary of CBM, the national and global work of Canadian Baptists. During those years, CBM experienced a striking capacity growth, expanding the organization’s global impact in the areas of leadership development, theological education, sustainable community development and the development of key educational resources for congregations across Canada.

Previous to his tenure with CBM, he served in a number of congregations both in staff and senior roles. As Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Edmonton in the 1990s, Dr. Nelson was involved in a revitalizing and renewing of this historic downtown congregation into a creative and dynamic contemporary congregation.

Dr. Nelson received the Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia and graduated with master and doctoral degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. As an educator, he has been actively engaged in creative approaches to theological and ministerial training. He was the founding director of the urban leadership training initiative BUILD (Baptist Urban Involvement in Leadership Development) in Toronto that shaped pastors and international workers to work in urban settings.

He has lectured and taught courses at universities and seminaries across Canada and the United States. Over the years, he has lectured internationally in India, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Germany, Scotland, Kenya, Ghana, and Rwanda on topics and themes that focus on missional living as the church, contemporary ministry, urban missiology, as well as leadership and governance for Christian organizations.

A recognized urban missiologist, he has authored and presented numerous papers that focus on theological and missiological ecclesiology. His writings include a co-authored book entitled Future Faith Churches: Reconnecting with the Power of the Gospel for the 21st Century (Wood Lake Books, 1997), Borderland Churches: A Congregation’s Introduction to Missional Living (Chalice Press, 2008), and his most recent book entitled Going Global: A Congregation’s Introduction to Mission beyond our Borders (Chalice Press, April 2011).

He finds passion around creating ways in which organizations can optimize their abilities and capacities, and in helping churches impact local communities and global worlds in which they are a part. He is committed to the enriching of the mind, heart, and character of students and to leading Tyndale's faculty and staff as they envision the future in which graduates become "culture makers" and people of faith in the places they work and live.

A self-described western Canadian who loves the big sky and prairie life, Dr. Nelson has served in church leadership roles in California, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta.

He is married to Carla, a former public school teacher now serving as the Director of Tyndale’s new Bachelor of Education program and Associate Professor of Education at Tyndale University College. They have one daughter, Stacy, who lives in Edmonton with her husband and their four children.

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Dr. Ronald Kydd

Associate Professor of Church History

416.226.6620 Ext. 2707

BA, University of Manitoba, 1967
MDiv, Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1968
PhD, University of St. Andrews, 1973


Areas of Specialization: Patristics, Renewal/Charismatic Movements, Pneumatology, Ancient Church of the East

Dr. Kydd has taught at a number of institutions over the years, including the School of Religious Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (now Master’s College & Seminary), St. Paul’s University and McMaster Divinity College. Previously he served as faculty member, academic dean and acting president at Central Pentecostal College. His published books include Charismatic Gifts in the Early Church, Healing through the Centuries: Models for Understanding, and Finding Pieces of the Puzzle: A Fresh Look at the Christian Story. His numerous articles have appeared in the Scottish Journal of Theology, Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society, Église et Théology, Pneuma, Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Ecumenical Trends, Studia Patristica, Twenty Centuries of Christian Worship (edited by Robert Webber), The Ecumenist, Ecumenism, Aspects of the Canadian Evangelical Experience (edited by G.A. Rawlyk) and The New International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements (edited by Stanley M. Burgess and Eduard M. Van Der Maas). An ordained minister, Dr. Kydd was founding pastor of Kanata Pentecostal Church and most recently served as Associate Priest at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Coburg. He has been deeply involved in ecumenical dialogue and participating in conferences of the World Council of Churches in Spain, Syria and Switzerland


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