Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry degree trains you for church leadership in today’s world through academic and applied courses. Our faculty teaches biblical principles, concepts, and models for the preparation of ordained or lay ministr​y. You will develop lifelong relationships with others in a diverse cultural and denominational setting. In addition, you will gain insight through our year-long church internship program for hands-on ministry experience in handling day-to-day problems in church ministries.

Possible ministries and positions include:
  • Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Elder
  • Deacon
  • Youth Pastor
  • Youth Ministry Leaders
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Children’s Ministry Leaders
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Bible Teachers
  • Bible Researcher
  • Missionary Work
  • Church Planting
  • Chaplain
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Church Administration

Academic and Applied

Strong evangelical theological studies combined with practical ministry experience.

You will complete core academic courses as well as practical ministry training, such as on family life ministries, how to plan a worship service, how to write sermons, and how to preach the gospel effectively. Furthermore, you will undergo an applied one-year church internship to practice church leadership principles and responsibilities in a congregational church setting.

Cultural Relevance

Training church leaders to engage in today’s culture with the Gospel.

At Tyndale, you will have the skills and abilities necessary to tackle cultural challenges and generational conflicts of today. Our faculty tailors and teaches culturally-relevant courses, such as Urban Ministry, Pastoral Counselling in an Ethnic Church, Pastoring the Chinese Church, Gospel, Church and Culture, and Leading Through Conflict and Change. There are few other Christian education communities that are as culturally competent and diverse as Tyndale.

If you are interested in Pastoral Ministry with a focus on exploring what the future church will be, then visit M. Div - In-Ministry.

Multi-denominational and Intercultural

Equipping you for ministry in today’s world by studying in a diverse cultural and denominational Christian environment.

Tyndale goes beyond denominational beliefs by bringing together all evangelical Christians into one community. Our student body represents over 40 different denominations and 30 ethnic groups. Students learn best when students learn from each other, and Tyndale provides a Christian learning experience for you to do so.

The Master of Divinity is a three-year professional ministry degree that provides you with knowledge and skills to be an effective and holistic ministry leader. The MDiv blends academic study, mentored learning and practical experience in a comprehensive program that will prepare you for ordained ministry or for Christian leadership in its various forms.

MDiv students will acquire foundational preparation for ordained ministry and for Christian leadership in congregations and other settings. Students will:

  1. develop breadth of knowledge and critical understanding of the theological disciplines;
  2. acquire capacities for understanding and engaging the cultural, social, and global context of God’s mission in the world;
  3. experience personal and professional growth through a process of intellectual, spiritual and ministry formation;
  4. develop and hone skills for theologically reflective ministry practice in its various forms.


Program Requirements

Each program has a set of specific requirements for completion. Please refer to your Seminary major sheet to determine the exact criteria.

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Program requirements subject to change.
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The Master of Divinity - In-Ministry major educates and equips working-students for church leadership in tomorrow’s world through an integrative, mentored approach to applied and academic learning. Our faculty teaches biblical principles, concepts, and models for lay or ordained ministry while giving you the flexibility to work concurrently in a vocational Christian ministry.


Our program is focused on training church leaders to engage in missions work in today’s culture with the Gospel. You will learn from courses that study: ministry context, integrating faith in the workplace, pastoral care, and urban ministry. Furthermore, you will gain a full experience from learning Christian history, theological studies, biblical studies, and spiritual formation.


Students learn best when students learn from each other, and our program provides a Christian learning experience in order for you to do so. The In-Ministry program is a community of learning that is intended for you to work in groups and build peer-to-peer relationships that can last a lifetime. Together, you will complete core academic courses as well as practical ministry training on: Old and New Testament theology, systematic theology, and how to interpret the Bible effectively.

Leadership Development for the 21st Century Church

The program is creative in its design as it will equip you with the concepts, tools, and skills you need to successfully work through issues in the church in the 21st century. You will use your current ministry settings as a laboratory for learning and creatively testing new ideas in finding solutions to problems in churches. You will study in an experiential learning environment with supportive faculty and classmates that will join you on the journey the entire way.

The Master of Theological Studies is a two-year graduate degree that helps you understand the biblical, theological and historical foundations of the Christian faith. The MTS is flexible program that can be tailored to meet your learning and ministry interests, or help you prepare you for further studies. Students may select electives from across the curriculum, or use them to focus their studies in a chosen concentration.

Students completing the MTS program will acquire a broad understanding of the theological disciplines for Christian faith and practice. Students will:

  1. gain theological understanding and insight through study of the heritage of Christian scripture, history, theology and ministry;
  2. develop aptitudes for thinking critically, theologically and biblically in relation to faith, vocation and ministry; 
  3. acquire critical awareness of God’s mission in the world in its social, cultural and global contexts;
  4. demonstrate depth of understanding in a particular field (for those opting to concentrate in an area of study).

The MTS Modular is a specialized, cohort-based program that allows students to complete the degree, one evening per week, in a fixed sequence of courses delivered over three years. 

Program Requirements

Each program has a set of specific requirements for completion. Please refer to your Seminary major sheet to determine the exact criteria.

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Program requirements subject to change.
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The one-year Graduate Diploma program provides you with a foundation of biblical, theological and ministry studies for your spiritual growth and ministry development. The Graduate Diploma allows you to tailor your studies to meet your learning and ministry needs. You may choose a concentration in Christian Studies, Leadership, Global Mission and Intercultural Studies, Pastoral and Chinese Ministry Foundations, Pentecostal Studies, Spiritual Formation or Youth and Family Ministry.

The Diploma in Christian Studies may also be taken on Monday evenings in a modular, cohort-based format with a fixed sequence of nine (9) courses delivered over one and a half years. The MTS (Christian Studies) may be taken entirely online.

All successfully-completed coursework can be transferred to the MDiv and MTS programs.

Whether you're interested in vocational ministry and leadership or personal study and enrichment, Tyndale offers a wide range of degree options that will meet your needs and goals.

Graduate Diploma** MTS
Master of Theological Studies**
Master of Divinity***
Master of Theology
Doctor of Ministry
A program geared toward adult learners interested in being equipped for ministry in their chosen profession A degree that will develop students' theological understanding for general educational purposes A degree designed primarily for those considering vocational, church-based ministry An advanced academic degree that provides an opportunity toexplore biblical, theological or historical studies in preparation for a PhD or ThD program An advanced professional degree designed for church leaders whose ministry will be integrated into their study and research Description
9 18 27 6 courses + thesis 6 intensive modules + a major project


1 year 2 years 3 years 1 year 3 years Duration*
Want to enhance your biblical and theological understandings in a setting that will engage your intellect and deepen your faith Are seeking a foundational graduate degree that can be utilized in a wide range of professional and ministerial contexts Wish to prepare for ordained ministry or for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings Have completed an MDiv or MTS and wish to enhance your ministerial and missional practice with additional scholarship, or prepare for further study at the doctoral level Have completed an MDiv or equivalent and are engaged in substantive ministry further developing your skills and capacities for effective leadership Pursue if...
* Program durations are based on a traditional, full-time course load of nine courses per year.
** Also offered in a modular format designed to meet the needs of students with full-time demands such as family, church or career.
*** Tyndale also offers an In-Ministry MDiv degree program for people who are engaged in part-time or full-time in vocational Christian ministry.
» Program Coordinator

Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston

Title & Contact Info

Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry

 Email: klivingston [at]
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2207

Academic Credentials

BA, Seattle University, 1978
MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1983
PhD, University of Aberdeen, 1989

Areas of Specialization

Theology and Practice of Preaching; The Gospel’s Encounter with Culture


Dr. Livingston is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and has served congregations in Seattle, Scotland, Vancouver, Cambridge, and most recently, the historic Knox Presbyterian Church in Toronto. Passionate about the integration of pastoral ministry and theological education, he previously served as adjunct professor at McMaster Divinity College and Tyndale Seminary. He has published a book on the theology of mission and evangelism in the writings of South African missiologist David Bosch, and numerous articles in the areas of missiology, preaching and church renewal. Dr. Livingston serves on the Board of Directors of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the Latin America Mission and several committees of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He also enjoys preaching regularly across the city.

Popular Courses

  • Preaching the Message of the Cross
  • Introduction to Worship and Liturgy

Favourite Place on Campus

Being alone in the Tyndale chapel, sensing the greatness and beauty of God as well as his nearness in the silence: "Be still and know that I am God."

Favourite Place in Toronto

Sitting on a patio at a restaurant on the Danforth with my wife Irene, eating Greek food and drinking strong coffee. I love seeing the wonderful diversity of people and the vibrant vitality of the city passing before my eyes.

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» Program Faculty

Dr. David Sherbino

Title & Contact Info

Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry

 Email: dsherb [at]
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 6741

Academic Credentials

BA, University of Ottawa, 1970
BTh, Tyndale College, 1971
MPS, St. Paul University, 1975
STM, McGill University, 1976
Diploma in Ministry, Presbyterian College, McGill University, 1976
Diploma in Spiritual Direction, Pecos Benedictine Abbey, 1976
DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1986
CSD (Certified Spiritual Director), Canadian Council of Professional Certification, 1999
CT (Certified Thanatologist), American Association of Death Educators and Counselors, 2002
FT (Fellow in Thanatology), American Association of Death Educators and Counselors, 2009, 2013, 2016
CSDS (Certified Spiritual Director Supervisor), Canadian Council of Professional Certification, 2010

Areas of Specialization

Pastoral Counselling, Worship, Spiritual Formation, Leadership, Thanatology


Dr. Sherbino has been a faculty member at Tyndale Seminary since 1987, serving previously as Chair of the Pastoral Ministries Department, Coordinator of the Worship and Liturgy program, and Dean of the Chapel. He is presently coordinating the master’s program in Spiritual Formation and the doctoral track in Spiritual Formation. He has served as the lead minister in several congregations in Canada and is presently Minister in Association with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

A commissioned officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, he served for four years as Regimental Chaplain to the Queen’s York Rangers. A popular speaker and church consultant, he regularly addresses various church and ministry groups in Canada and overseas. He has written many articles for church press publications and has recently published Foundations for Christian Living; The Marriage Preparation Manual; the award winning books Re:Connect: Spiritual Exercises to Develop Intimacy with God; Living, Dying, Living Forever; and Renew: A Basic Guide for a Personal Retreat. His work on spiritual formation has been produced on several videos. Dr. Sherbino is involved as visiting professor at various theological schools, including the South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies (India), the Alliance Biblical Seminary (The Philippines), BGST (Singapore), and at McMaster Divinity College (Hamilton, ON).

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Rev. Dr. Fred Penney

Title & Contact Info

Adjunct Professor of Homiletics

 Email: fpenney [at]
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2656

Academic Credentials

BComm, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1982
Diploma in Ministry, (Honours), Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, 1984
MDiv, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, 1987
STM, Regis College, Toronto, 1991
DMin, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1999

Areas of Specialization

Expository and Narrative Preaching, the Relationship Between the Theology and Methodology of Preaching, and the Role of the Holy Spirit in Preaching


Dr. Penney has pastored since 1987, having planted a multi-ethnic church in the heart of Toronto. He currently pastors Emmanuel Community Church in Port Perry, ON. Dr. Penney studied homiletics with Dr. Haddon Robinson and his dissertation is entitled "Applying a Spiritual Warfare Cosmology to Preaching". He has taught homiletics since 1999 at Tyndale. He has also taught at L’viv Theological Seminary in the Ukraine and at Master’s College & Seminary.

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Prof. Rick Tobias

Title & Contact Info

Adjunct Professor of Urban Missiology

 Email: rtobias [at]
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2109

Academic Credentials

BA (Hon), Acadia University 1976
MDiv, Acadia Divinity College 1981
Seminary Consortium For Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE), Chicago, 1980
(Hon) DD, McMaster University, 2003

Areas of Specialization

Urban ministry; Youth-at-risk; Strategies for national community-wide change of Canadian poverty; advocacy on behalf of low-income and marginalized people


Since 1984, Rick Tobias has been a regular lecturer at Tyndale University College & Seminary in the areas of urban ministry, youth-at-risk and poverty in Canada. He is President and CEO of Yonge Street Mission in Toronto. He is best known for his life-long advocacy on behalf of low-income and marginalized people, and for collaborating with business and professional leaders to promote change in the city. He continues to lead staff and volunteers as they craft programs that help break the cycle of multi-generational poverty.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The program seeks to provide candidates with a collegial, academic and professional milieu in which you will advance your understanding of the nature, purposes, and practice of ministry; enhance your leadership and formational competencies in discernment, theological reflection, and in-ministry research; gain opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Learn More | View Requirements

Canadian Chinese School of Theology (CCST)

Tyndale University College & Seminary (Tyndale) and Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education (ACCTE) have collaborated in a strategic partnership to organize the Canadian Chinese School of Theology (Toronto). Learn More | View Requirements

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