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Upcoming events are as follows:


TASD Events:


  • Spring 2016      Enneagram Workshop        April 16
  • Fall 2016           TASD Fall Retreat                 October 14 - 16



TASD Spring Event

The Enneagram for Spiritual Growth and Direction
Saturday April 16 - 9am to 4:30pm

Location:  Tyndale Study Centre
(the wing behind the new cafe across from the library on the lower level)

Cost:         $65 for TASD members;  $75 for non-members


This professional development day for spiritual directors (and those interested in spiritual growth for themselves and others) will both be information based and experiential. This day is for those familiar with the Enneagram and for those who have never heard of the word.

The Enneagram is a dynamic, spiritually grounded personality system, describing nine different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.  Working with it gives us insight into the limits and contributions of each “type.”  It can help us become more aware of our own patterns, our blind spots and automatic reactions, and, as important, our gifts.  This understanding gives us the opportunity for choice and, with God’s help, change and growth.  As well, it strengthens our empathy, acceptance and understanding of others’ ways.  As such, it is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives, including those we  meet for spiritual direction.

The day will give participants the opportunity to consider their own type structure, its positive gifts and strengths and its problem areas. Understanding our type gives us a lens for self-reflection. In the work of spiritual direction it is imperative that the director continue to do this sacred work of self-awareness so that as directors we can be fully present to the other, understanding our own weaknesses, vulnerabilities and strengths. The Enneagram gives us valuable insights into others as well and can in turn be a self-reflective tool for their growth.

The Enneagram has some of its roots in the Fourth century desert fathers. The Jesuits have been using the Enneagram from many years in spiritual practice and for growth. As Richard Rohr writes, “The Enneagram’s wisdom is compelling... With the Enneagram it’s a matter of inner work that can lend authenticity to our spiritual path.” The Enneagram:  A Christian Perspective, Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert


Cynthia Stevens (CSD, M.Div., B.Ed., Supervisor (Spiritual Direction Practicum) at Tyndale, completing the Professional tract of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition.)


Sue Guttenstein (PhD., has practiced psychotherapy for more than 20 years and has been involved with the Enneagram 10 years, currently completing the Teaching Tract of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition.)


TASD Fall Event

A TASD Retreat
Friday October 14 (6:30pm) - Sunday October 16 (4 pm)

Location:  Valley of the Mother of God Retreat Centre, Hockley Valley

Cost and details:         TBD