Jaeho Lee

Jaeho LeeMBA, M.Div.

Jaeho is originally a graduate of MBA School. He has joined Tyndale community since 2003 in order to answer God’s call, to be shaped and equipped as a Christian minister. He has completed his Youth and Family ministry program at Tyndale seminary in 2008 when he came to recognize God’s call for his vocation in Spiritual direction ministry. Since then, Jaeho has been taking his Spiritual pilgrimage in Tyndale spiritual formation community, focusing on discerning God’s voice and waiting on God.

Jaeho is a youth pastor at a multi-ethnic Presbyterian congregation and he is also involved in soul-training ministry. He lives with his wife of 20 years and their 3 children. He meets at Tyndale offering Spiritual direction.

You may contact Jaeho by email at abuLLe87@hotmail.com

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