Guideline for the Integrative Reflection Paper

Length: 8-10 typed, single-spaced pages.

The questions below are not intended to be prescriptive. Students are encouraged to be creative and reflective in their responses in whatever manner they wish.

  • What have been some of the significant milestones during my years in seminary?

  • In what ways has my thinking and theology been most stretched, changed, transformed since I first began seminary?

  • Are there particular learning experiences or spiritual/theological insights that stand out for me?

  • What ministry experiences in my placements have had the most profound influence on my understanding of ministry?

  • Looking back on all of the learning experiences, events, and people I have encountered in my seminary years, how would I sum up my current theological understanding of: a) God and the ways of God; b) the nature of Christian ministry; c) the church; d) my own gifts and callings in ministry?

  • At this point in my life, how would I summarize my sense of call, my passion and my vision for ministry in a "personal mission statement" (2-3 sentences)?

Facilitators (if presentations of the IR paper are required by the Director of the TSIP):
The designated group facilitator will not be required to write a written response to the Integrative Reflection Paper but rather will take responsibility for guiding the group session in a way that honours the sacred story that is being presented. The designated facilitator will:

a) open the session in a manner that helps create an atmosphere of respect and reverence;

b) invite the presenter to share their integrative reflection in a manner that best suits the presenter;

c) be attentive to timing and group process;

d) invite group members to respond in turn to the presenter's reflections;

e) close the session with prayers of blessing and affirmation for the life and ministry of the presenter.