Guideline for the Integrative Reflection Paper

This paper is designed to facilitate a theologically reflective process that integrates your seminary learning and your internship praxis. You should incorporate some of the learning that occurred through reflecting on the case studies, the Ministry Reflection Seminars and the self-evaluations, as well as experiences during your years in seminary. Incorporate the growth that happened as you pursued the learning goals detailed in your learning covenant. The questions below are merely suggestions and not intended to be prescriptive. Students are encouraged to be creative and reflective in their responses in whatever manner they wish.
Length: 8-10 typed, double-spaced pages (2500-3000 words).

• What have been some of the significant milestones during my years in seminary?

• In what ways has my thinking and theology been most stretched, changed, transformed since I first began seminary?

• Are there particular learning experiences or spiritual/theological insights that stand out for me?

• What ministry experiences in my placement(s) have had the most profound influence on my understanding of ministry?

• Looking back on all of the learning experiences, events, and people I have encountered in my seminary years, how would I sum up my current theological understanding of:

a) God and the ways of God;

b) the nature of Christian ministry in our current post-Christendom context;

c) the church in this context;

d) my own gifts and callings in ministry?

• At this point in my life, how would I summarize my sense of call, my passion and my vision for ministry in a "personal mission statement" (stated in 2-3 sentences and described in a paragraph)?