Guideline for the Intern Self-Evaluations

Length: two pages, typed single-space.

Provide reflective comments in each section that applies to your specific major and experience.
Procedure: Print this page and give it to your supervisor to read, discuss with you and sign. Attach with your paper and return with other evaluation forms.
1. Summary of activities - one paragraph in length; be specific.
2. Successes/Failures and Principles/Insights learned
  • One thing that we went well. Why?
  •  One thing that did not go well. Why?
3. Specific Issues, provide reflective comments in each of the following areas:
  • Theological/Biblical/Educational
      What major theological/biblical/Educational issues were raised?
      What are the implications of these issues for you?
  • Professional
How has this term influenced your sense of calling to your vocation?
Are there skills and competencies you feel you used well or need to develop further?
  • Personal
What did you learn about yourself?
To what extent did your personality affect your actions this term?
  • Spiritual Formation
How has this term nurtured your own spiritual development?
What spiritual disciplines did you find necessary and helpful?
  • Initiative
Mention any ministries that you undertook or recommended, after the contract was established, to
respond to needs which arose.
  • Supervisory focus

                  What was the major focus or themes which you discussed in your session?      

SUPERVISOR’S SIGNATURE: ______________________________________