Guideline for the Student Mid-term Self-Evaluation

At the end of the first semester of the internship, conduct a self-evaluation of your experience reflecting on your progress in achieving the goals set out in your Learning Covenant. Are you accomplishing what you hoped you would? Do your goals need to be adjusted? Provide reflective comments in each section that applies to your specific major and experience. The questions are suggestions and not designed to be prescriptive. DUE: At the end of the first semester of the internship (half-way point).
Length: two to four pages, typed double-spaced.

Procedure: Once you have completed the self-evaluation, share it with your supervisor to read, discuss with you and then sign. Submit the signed paper to the Internship Director via email or on the course page.
1. Summary of activities - one paragraph in length; be specific.
2. Describe your progress in achieving your goals outlined on your Learning Covenant.

3. Successes/Failures and Principles/Insights learned
• One thing that we went well. Why?
• One thing that did not go well. Why?
4. Specific Issues, provide reflective comments in each of the following areas:

• What major theological/biblical/Educational issues were raised?
• What are the implications of these issues for you?

• How has this term influenced your sense of calling to your vocation?
• Are there skills and competencies you feel you used well or need to develop further?

• What did you learn about yourself?
• To what extent did your personality affect your actions this term?

Spiritual Formation
• How has this term nurtured your own spiritual development?
• What spiritual disciplines did you find necessary and helpful?

• Mention any ministries that you undertook or recommended, after the contract was established, to respond to needs which arose.

Supervisory focus
• What was the major focus or themes which you discussed in your session?      
SUPERVISOR’S SIGNATURE: ______________________________________