Guideline for the Ministry Experience Report

Theological Reflection on Experience

Length: Reports should not exceed five (5) typed, single-spaced pages in length. The questions are suggestive, not prescriptive.
Select an Experience
  • Think of several key incidents in your current placement in which you personally played a role. Select one, preferably one that was particularly challenging for you or that raised questions, concerns, or uncertainties.
Narrate the Experience (What happened?)
  • Briefly narrate the experience answering the basic questions of “who, what, when, where, and how.”
  • Narrow the focus by identifying one segment of the experience that represents a key issue or critical concern.
  • Describe how you specifically responded (provide a short verbatim or summary).  What were you thinking and feeling as you went through this experience?
  • Describe the response of others.
Analyze the Experience
  • What key issues do you see as being significant in this situation (e.g. interpersonal dynamics, social forces, cultural issues, power dynamics, value conflicts, assumptions, attitudes, etc.).
  • How does this experience connect with or challenge your personal values, convictions and faith tradition?
  • List specific questions you bringing to the group for reflection.
Reflect on the Experience
  • What key theological themes does this experience evoke?
  • What Biblical principles or stories (not proof text) seem applicable in this context?
  • What learning and insights from your theological studies are relevant?
  • What insights from your personal faith experiences are called to mind?
  • How do you perceive God to be present in this experience?
Assess your Learning
  • What insights have surfaced from your reflection that you can take with you into this particular ministry situation or similar situations in the future?
  • How has this experience challenged and/or affirmed your personal beliefs and theological convictions?
  • What have you learned from this experience about the practice of ministry?
  • What have you learned about yourself and your identity as a ministering person?
  • How will this change your behaviour, or philosophy of ministry as you move forward?