Join a Chapel Team

Do you play an instrument, sing, have a gift of creativity (photography, painting, media/video making, drama/dramatic reading, etc)? Consider auditioning to participate in worship at our Tyndale Chapels! At Tyndale we desire to access the creativity of the student body as we worship together.

Below you can apply to be part of a chapel team or to let us know of any creative way you could be involved this year. We look forward to hearing from you!

To join a worship team, you must be an active student with a GPA of 2.0 and complete an audition process.

Group Auditions will be held on Thursday September 4 at 8:00pm & Friday September 5 at 1:00pm. Please select a preferable audition time that you would like to attend. If you cannot attend an audition time, please e-mail the Chapel Coordinators and we will make the best effort to accommodate you. You will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your audition.

Been on a Tyndale Chapel team before? You may or may not be required to complete an audition, but we ask that you please fill out the form so we know you are interested in being on a chapel team again!

Worship Leader Team 2014-2015

Chapel Coordinators

Worship Interns

  • Gregory Bowers
  • Danielle Tremblay
  • Kourtney Sturge

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Please provide your full name
Please provide your most commonly used email
(ie. Drama, Photography, Visual Arts, Dance, etc.)
In a short paragraph, tell us your experience in the area that you are applying?
If you cannot attend one of the provided audition times, please comment on your availability in the comment section below and we will make the best effort to accommodate you.
Please include any further links to your work, comments about your intentions on the team, or further arrangements that need to be made.