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We are thrilled that you are interested in joining our team and are eager to receive your applications!

Being a part of student leadership provides you with a unique Tyndale experience alongside your classes and community.  Live as a servant leader and empower your peers to make a difference by joining a student leadership ministry. There are various roles available to you, which will allow you to find one that fits your gifts, passions and let your life make an impact on the people you serve. Become equipped as a leader through the mentoring, reflection and training that you will experience on student leadership.

Application Process & Dates

Important Dates:
April 20-21
Spring Leadership Training RA's & UC Council
August 25-26 Mental Health First Aid Training RA's
August 27-31
Fall Leadership Training RA's & UC Council
September 1 Leadership Training HGLs
September 2 Frosh Move In Day RA's, UC Council, & HGLs
September 2-5 Frosh Week RA's, UC Council, & HGLs
September 3 Classes Begin  

RA Team | UC House Council | UC House Group Leaders | Outreach Coordinators

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RA Team

Create community in your dorm and forge relationships among your residents as a resident advisor (RA). By planning crazy events, resolving conflict and mentoring your peers, you will build Tyndale students into a tight-knit family. Supported by your RA team, the entire Student Leadership team and Student Life, you will learn unique skills, bond with new and old friends and draw close to God.

Commitment: Fall & Winter Semester
Honorarium: 6 payments over the 2 academic semesters
Positions Available: 12 RA's
RA Application are closed for 2017/2018 academic year

Tyndale U House Council

Use your unique gifts in student leadership by applying as a Director, House Leader, or Program Chair. Involve the entire school in a wide variety of events as a member of House Council, the student government body at Tyndale U. You will plan festivals, games nights, and late-night coffeehouses, giving students the chance to connect with friends and serve God. Take the first step towards empowering others. 

Commitment: Fall & Winter Semester
Honorarium: 4 payments over the 2 academic semesters
Positions Available: 5 Program Chairs; 5-10 House Leaders
Application Open from February 23 - March 9, 2017
Director interviews will be on March 10 - 13
House Leader & Program Chair interviews will be on March 14-17
Group Interview will be on March 23
House Council will be announced on March 24

Tyndale U House Group Leaders (HGLs)

Help a group of eager minds to work through the challenges faced by every new student. Mentor the incoming students in their crucial first semester by joining the Student Leadership team as a HGL. If your schedule doesn't allow you to invest very much time in student leadership, being a HGL will be a great fit for you, with a weekly commitment of only three to four hours .

Commitment: Fall Semester
Small monetary gift
Positions Available: 10 HGLs
Applications are open from Febrauary 23 - April 31
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Outreach Coordinators

Through these positions you will have the opportunity to help get the student body excited and interested in reaching out. Whether through our own students, or globally, you will help coordinate events, and opportunities for students to serve outside the classroom.

Commitment: Fall & Winter Semesters
Honorarium: 6 payments over the 2 academic semesters
Positions Available: 1-2 for each cordinator position
Applications are open.

Application for Outreach coordinator