Tyndale UC Students

Student Leadership


Live as a servant leader and empower your peers to make a difference by joining a student leadership ministry. There are various roles available to you, which will allow you to find one that fits your gifts, passions and let your life make an impact on the people you serve. Become equipped as a leader through the mentoring, reflection and training that you will experience on student leadership.

RA Team

Create community in your dorm and forge relationships among your residents as a resident advisor (RA). By planning crazy events, resolving conflict and mentoring your peers, you will build Tyndale students into a tight-knit family. Supported by your RA team, the entire Student Leadership team and Student Life, you will learn unique skills, bond with new and old friends and draw close to God.

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Student Council

Use your unique gifts in student leadership by applying as a Program Chair or Secretary/Treasurer. Involve the entire school in a wide variety of events as a member of student council, the student government body at Tyndale. You will plan festivals, games nights, and late-night coffeehouses, giving students the chance to connect with friends and serve God. Take the first step towards empowering others. 

Applications are closed for the 2014/2015 year.

Community Group Leaders (CGLs)

Help a group of eager minds to work through the challenges faced by every new student. Mentor the incoming students in their crucial first semester by joining the Student Leadership team as a CGL. If your schedule doesn't allow you to invest very much time in student leadership, being a CGL will be a great fit for you, with a weekly commitment of only three to four hours .

applications are closed for the 2014-2015 year

Community Life Coordinators (CLCs)

Over half of our university students are commuters. CLCs will help this important group of students get more connected to events, programs, and opportunities at Tyndale.  If you're interested in sharing your experiences and leadership with commuter students and helping to spread the word about Tyndale opportunities, this may be the perfect role for you.



Outreach Coordinators

Through these positions you will have the opportunity to help get the student body excited and interested in reaching out to those around them. Whether through our own students, locally, or globally, you will help coordinate events, and opportunities for students to serve outside the classroom.

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OCREW (Orientation Crew)

The OCREW is a group of Tyndalians who are eager to welcome our new incoming students to our amazing community at Tyndale UC! Throughout Orientation, the OCREW will be  relied upon to make things as fun and as welcoming as possible. OCREW’s responsibilities also include helping the frosh out, planning activities, attending the Frosh Retreat at Fair Havens, as well as being a friendly face around campus!


Worship Interns

Working in a team learning environment with the Chapel Worship Coordinator and under the direction of the Seminary Dean of Students, a worship intern will coordinate and direct the musical leadership of a worship team at Tyndale University College & Seminary in the 2014-2015 school year. S/he will also lead brief morning or evening prayer gatherings weekly. Through practice, observation, instruction, and discussion, the worship intern will grow in his/her understanding of and appreciation for worship planning and leadership which will in turn effect our worship gatherings positively.

Applications are closed for the 2014/2015 year.

Chapel Coordinator

The Chapel Worship Coordinator will lead, oversee, coordinate and administrate the musical leadership required for the Chapels and other worship gatherings of Tyndale University College & Seminary in the 2014-2015 school year. S/he will do this in a team under the direction of the Seminary Dean of Students. This position could be shared by two students with complementary gifts.

Applications are closed for the 2014/2015 year.