Student Organizations showing three students walking through a doorway

Student Organizations

Tyndale's student clubs are student-initiated. They are an opportunity for students with like-minded passions and concerns for the world we live in to gather together. Students can find clubs with academic focuses such as philosophy, psychology, or history; as well as social and arts focus clubs like poetry, hip hop, and social justice. You never know what activities you might stumble upon. Connect with people who share your passion, or explore a brand-new hobby in one of Tyndale’s student organizations. If you don’t find a student organization that interests you, initiate your own by emailing stuliferec [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Interest%20in%20starting%20Student%20Club) .

The types of clubs you could find at Tyndale vary and provide a variety of social avenues for you to express yourself.

The Script Magazine

Student-led magazine to showcase students' perspectives, and an outlet for creative expression. The Script Magazine is actively seeking submissions of creative compositions for the entire student body to ponder. Students can also work on layout and editing of the submissions in order to produce a quality magazine. The Script contains anything from short stories and poetry to opinion pieces and editorials, with a minimum of two issues per semester. 

Contact Info: email tyndalestudentpublication [at] gmail [dot] com (subject: Questions%20and%20Submissions%20for%20Canon25%20Magazine)

Drama Club

Learn to express yourself, break down your barriers and explore the emotions and lives of others as you step into their shoes. Discover the hidden talent within you to bring a character to life. Learn the ins and outs of running a show, from director to stage hand. Each role is vital to the success of the show. 

Social Justice Club

Students have rallied together, calling themselves the Justice League.  They work hard to inform themselves and raise awareness of the injustices that are ravaging the world. They have focused their attention on human trafficking, providing students with the opportunity to intercede on the victims' behalf through prayer, and have hosted various events to bring awareness to the Tyndale community.

Pro-Life Club

Their mission is to represent the cause of life both on and off the Tyndale campus, to witness to the dignity of all human life from conception until natural death. They focus on addressing the injustices of abortion and active euthanasia in Canada. They have organized such educational events as conferences, lectures, and workshops featuring pro-life speakers. They have also taken their knowledge and actively sought to make changes through participating in peaceful and legal forms of protest (e.g. Life Chain and March for Life) to defend the rights of the unborn.

BET (Black Educators of Tyndale)

A committee of Tyndale UC students who seek to offer support for, and awareness of the Black community and Black culture within our diverse community.  Their mission is to promote inclusivity within the wider Tyndale community through a few planned events, monthly gatherings, and fundraisers, in hopes of:
  1. Promoting awareness about true Black culture, through educating about Black History, and eliminating stereotypes that the media portrays.
  2. Supporting and encouraging the Black community within Tyndale to excel academically & socially, and find ways to get connected and feel more involved, even at the leadership level.
  3. Helping others know how, and how not, to relate to members of the Black community.