Showing a group of students who are part of Team Peru smiling at the camera

Global Missions

Engage with the international community and journey on an adventure that will open your mind and heart to new perspectives on the world. The people you serve will be your unintentional teachers in the way they live, act and worship. Whichever country you go to, God will use you to touch lives and the lives you touch will in turn affect your own life. Start making a difference. Join a missions team.

Missions 2018

Note: Locations may change from year to year.


This opportunity would take a team to serve in the midlands of Ireland, in a place called Durrow, in County Laois, with a history of religious settlements dating back to the 6th century. We would work alongside an ongoing ministry to children, both in local outreach and through a summer camp program for several weeks mid-summer – a wonderful privilege of helping reach the next generation for Christ, in a country where over a fifth of the population is under the age of 15.

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