Info for Parents

Let your children grow in a safe learning environment that is concerned not only with their academic success, but with their personal and spiritual development. Be informed about what the students do at university by staying updated on current events, key dates and reading over their student handbook. If you think your son or daughter needs a little reminder from home that they are loved, a care package from the bookstore can be delivered to their door. Of course, if you ever want to visit, there are guest rooms available that will make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Cultivate 2014 - Student Orientation

If you are the parent, gaurdian or family member of a student who is moving into Tyndale residence for the very first time in the 2014 fall semester, you are welcome and encouraged to join us on Saturday, August 30 for the first day of our orientation welcome week.  The day will include introductions to some of our Student Development staff, a trip to our beautiful new Bayview campus, a free barbecue and, of course, a time for our new students to settle in as you say your goodbyes.  We ask that you would kindly consider joining us for this important day of fellowship, and let us now if you plan on attending by filling out a quick registration form which can be found  by clicking here

*Please note that only one registration is needed per family.

Local Churches

Over one thousand churches have services in the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re looking for a church that your student can call home, take a look at the list of Local Churches in the Tyndale area that are frequented by students.

Dates & Events

Curious about what’s going on at school? Check out the Events Calendar to find out about everything that’s happening. If you need to know when the last day of exams are, what day your student can move in to residence, or what days Reading Week is scheduled, you can stay informed on the Registrar’s Page.


Any concerns you have about paying for your student’s education can be answered at Financing Your Education. As well as having a cost breakdown and financial comparisons, you can also see the many scholarships and grants offered to incoming and current students.

Visit the Campus

You are invited to spend some time on campus visiting your student and if it would be convenient for you to stay the night, there are several guest rooms available for your use. If you are interested in booking a room, visit the Campus Services to get information about costs and who to contact.

Student Handbook

Understand how your student will be kept safe and responsible by reading over the Student Handbook. Whether you’re interested in when residence has open dorm hours, how to get a parking pass, or when the bookstore is open, the student handbook contains all the information you need.