Residence Advisor Team

2016 - 2017

Your RA Team is here to make your residence experience one you won’t forget. If you want to know where the laundry room is, need someone to talk to, or just want to hang out, your resident advisors (RA's) are here for you. Each dorm has 2 RA's.  Check out who they are below.

Female RA's
  Caitlin Sweetman & Rebekah Hewitt (Quieter Dorm RA's)
  Hannah Beadle & Morgan Clark
Sam Steeles & Kelsey Arnold
Male RA's
Adam Brown & Wes Davis
Dave Palmerton & Justice Ploughman
Rob Barriault & Ben Klassen (Quieter Dorm RA's)


Your RA's are supported by a male and female Resident Life Assitants (RLA) who help to make things run smoothly.  These students have been RA's in the past and are also available to provide support to the RA's as well as care for a dorm of their own.  Like the RA's they are here to provide a welcoming community in the residence.  Your Leaders in RLA's are:

Nathan Huff & Kathryn van Wyngaarden