Residence Advisor Teams

2014 - 2015

Your RA Team is here to make your residence experience one you won’t forget. If you want to know where the laundry room is, need someone to talk to, or just want to hang out, your resident advisor (RA) is here for you. Check out who they are below.

Female RA's


Amanda Dickinson    Felicia Osmond       Keri Hodder           Nikki Koch          Tamarah Jesseau


Male RA's


Adam Costello             Josh Penney            Sam Wachob


Your RA's are supported by Residence Life Assistants (RLA) who help to make things run smoothly. The RLA's are also available to provide support to the RA's throughout the year and to help them provide a welcoming community in the residence.  Your RLA's are:

Female RLA                                Male RLA


Kaelynne Franck                               Matthew Hiscock