New Resident Application Form

Tyndale recognizes the vital role residence plays for students ages 18-21.  Residence offers a first step in independent living for students who have just moved out of their parents' home.  The intentional community, the Residence Team structure, and the location provide a space for young students to explore their own living styles and taking on the responsibilities of living on their own.

The environment of group living is structured for those ages 18-21.  The residence handbook, programming, and structures are set in place to help build on the students ability to live successful on their own.  The safe environment of residence is a space that is optimum for students and keeps parents apprehensions at bay because they know there is a certain level of structure set in place.

Due to this structure of Tyndale's residence, priority is given to residents that are full-time between the ages of 18-21.  Residence is an integral part of campus life and contributes in part, to the education our students receive.  Full-time Students, ages 22-26, will be given the opportunity to live in residence after those in the previous category.

Tyndale understands that the residence environment may not be suitable to all "Mature Students" (27 years and older) due to the structure, programming and demographic.  With this in mind, we have a designated hall for our "Mature Students" who choose to live in residence.  Space is limited and we will provide residence as space is available.  There is a separate application for our "Mature Students".  Apply today.

Before you fill out your Residence Application here is some information about the acceptance process.

What Tyndale looks for to process a Residence Application:
  • Acceptance into Tyndale University College & Seminary
  • Residence Application form & Medical Application form
  • $200 Residence Deposit
Assuming everything is received and in order and we have space for you, you will receive an acceptance email from us.  There will be several attachments that are important for you to read through.
  • Acceptance to Tyndale Residence Letter
  • Tuition & Residence Fee Schedule
  • The Residence Handbook
  • FAQ Brochure about Residence life

To hold your residence spot please send Tyndale's Student Financial Services a $200 Residence Deposit as soon as possible.  Please contact Student Financial Services,, with any questions about paying the $200 residence deposit or residence fees.

If you have any further questions about the residence application process or general questions about residence, please email Shannon Loewen, Community Life Senior Manager,

Please Note: That Tyndale students are required to apply each year of their academic studies for residence.  Residency is not guaranteed from academic year to academic year.

Tyndale University College & Seminary reserves the right to deny a request of residency without explanation.

If you are or have been a resident at Tyndale in the past 2 years, you need to fill out the Return Residence Application Form.
General Information

*If you are a non-Tyndale student requesting to live in residence, please know that we give priority to all Tyndale students. We admit non-Tyndale student requests for residence as space allows. Therefore, the application will not be processed until July 2017.
Please include area code
*For those who have selected "Winter 2018 semester only", the application will not be processed until December 1, 2017. Residency cannot be guaranteed, for students choosing to move into residence in the Winter 2018 semester only, as it's based on availability.

Room Category Preference

Please indicate your room category preference (From 1st choice to 6th).  Please note that we cannot guarantee your preferred choice.  Room assignments are based on availability and particular requirements and fully at the sole discretion of Tyndale University College & Seminary.

Please Note: If you have a roommate, make sure they put the same preferneces for room categories on their application.

Large Single Room with a 1/2 bathroom (toilet and sink, no shower)
Large Single Room with a sink
Single Room with a 1/2 bathroom* (toilet and sink, no shower)
Single Room with a sink
Double Room with a 1/2 bathroom* (toilet and sink, no shower)
Double Room with a sink

If you selected a Large Single Room or Regular Single room as your top choices:

We have a limited number of Large Single rooms and Regular Single rooms.  If you require a single room, please see the medical section of this application for the process that Student Accessibilities Offices provides.  Please remember the space is limited and will assign the appropriate room as availability allows.

The information below is used for dorm and roommate placement. Please be as realistic and specific as possible.


Personal Information
#1: How would you describe how soundly you sleep? (1 - light, 5 - soundly)
#2: How would you describe your sleeping habits? (1 - early to bed, wake up early, 5 - late to bed, wake up late)
#3: How clean and tidy are you? (1 - very clean & tidy, 5 - very messy)
#4: Are you a private person? (1 - very private, 5 - very open)
#5: How easy going are you? (1 - very easy going, 5 - not very easy going)
#6: What is your preferred living style? (1 - quieter surroundings, 5 - lively and energized surroundings)

This section is helpful to the Student Life Department as we find someone to pair you with as your roommate for the year. Please provide details as best as you can that explains your ratings on the questions above about your personality and habits (i.e. if you are a light sleeper, what keeps you up?).

Please also answer the following questions: