Tyndale University College and Seminary Returning Resident Residence Application

Please be aware that priority is given to all Freshmen that live outside of the GTA.  Also be aware that this application does not guarantee acceptance into residence.  Notification of acceptance into residence will occur after June 15, 2016.

Please note that the first installment of your fall Residence fees is due in to Student Accounts by August 19, 2016.  Failure to meet the August 19 deadline will result in a $100 late fee being added to your account.

Personal Information
Summer Mailing Address
Emergency Contact
Academic Information (As of September 2016)
Monday, September 5, 2016 is the earliest you can arrive. UC classes begin on Thursday, September 8, 2016. Sem classes begin on 12, 2016.
Room / Roomate Selection Information
Indicate your room preference by listing them in order from first to last. This is only your preference. You are not guaranteed the option you have chosen. Room assignments will be based on availability and the discretion of the Residence Director.
Large Single Room with a 1/2 bathroom (toilet and sink, no shower)
Single Room with a 1/2 bathroom (toilet and sink, no shower)
Single Room with a sink
Double Room with a 1/2 bathroom (toilet and sink, no shower)
Double Room with a sink
Please talk with your desired roommate (if you have listed them) to ensure you both pick the right order for your room choices.
(Please list 1 to 2 people as your choices)
If you would prefer to live in a quieter dorm please indicate here. Priority will be given to those 25+ and Seminary students, but any student can request the Quieter Dorm.
If you have not chosen a roommate:
#1. How would you describe how soundly you sleep? (1-light, 5-soundly)
#2. How would you describe your sleeping habits? (1-early to bed, wake up early, 5-late to bed, wake up late)
#3. How open are you to living with someone from a different background? (1-very open, 5-not open)
#4. How clean & tidy are you? (1-very clean & tidy, 5-very messy)
#5. Are you a private person? (1-very private, 5-very open)
#6. How easy going are you? (1-very easy going, 5-not very easy going)
#7. Living style? (1-quieter surroundings, 5-lively and energized surroundings)
Residence Information