Cultivate 2014 - Orientation Guest Registration

Move-in day for our incoming new students is Saturday, August 30th this year,  and we would love to have you there!  As a parent, gaurdian or family member of an incoming new student who is moving into residence, you are welcome and encouraged to join us for a day of food, fellowship and important introductions.  Each new student may bring up to 5 family members, please fill out the basic information on this form as it relates to whomever you plan on bringing with you.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Please provide your name only (the names of other group members are not necessary).
Please indicate the total number of people attending (maximum 5), not including the new student that you are accompanying.
Please provide an email address at which you (the guest) can be contacted.
Please list any dietary restrictions within your group, and indicate how many individuals each restriction applies to.