Canon 25

Canon 25 is the official student publication of Tyndale University, but does not represent its ideas or opinions unless specifically noted. Canon 25 has a monthly circulation of about 150.

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A New Year of Canon 25 is about to begin with new editors and designers. Would you like to be involved? Email us at tyndalestudentpublication [at] gmail [dot] com


Canon 25 likes creative articles, humor, comics, photography, art, poetry and all other forms of printable expression. We accept submissions from all Tyndale students and alumni

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Canon (k ă n Ə n)

  • A group of literary works that are generally accepted as representing a field.
  • The works of a writer that have been acepted as authentic.

25 (t w ĕ n t ē - f ī v)

  • The address of Tyndale University College and Seminary on Ballyconnor Crt.
  • Average age of middle-aged twenty-somethings.
  • Number of people waiting in line at J&T (after chapel).

Canon 25 (k ă n Ə n t w ĕ n t ē - f ī v)

  • A collection of fresh perspectives and thought provoking ideas inspired by the hearts and minds of Tyndale Students.
  • A glossy, uncomfortable substitute for toilet paper
  • Kindling to kick start a romantic fire for two, or a pyromaniac’s dream.
  • Yet another activity to sidetrack our attention from the overwhelming list of assignments rapidly approaching their due dates.

Download Past Issues

More past issues (including Canon 25's predecessor "The New Apocrypha") can be found in the Tyndale J. William Horsey Library.


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