Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry   [CHED 0553 / CHRI 3223]

  Course Dates: Monday July 7, 2014 to Friday July 11, 2014
  Faculty: Rev. Dr. Valerie Michaelson
Course Description

This course builds a biblical foundation, explores faith development issues, and formulates a rationale for ministry to and with children. Practical approaches that respond to the spiritual needs of children and nurture their growth as whole persons are included.

The course looks at the unique qualities, gifts and joys of childhood and imagines ways that the church can respond to children as children, not as mini adults. It will examine different ministry models and practices in light of biblical teaching and also explore ways that the culture influences children’s ministry.  The importance of stories and the gift of the intergenerational community of the church will be strong themes. Other priorities will be issues of justice and compassion and the church’s call to nurture children as whole human beings.

Monday - Friday  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

School: Jointly Offered UC & SEM

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