Indigenous Christianity: Theologies, Praxis and Mission

Indigenous Christianity: Theologies, Praxis and Mission   [INTD 0670]

  Course Dates: Monday July 28, 2014 to Friday August 1, 2014
  Faculty: Dr. Terry LeBlanc
Course Description

This course has been cancelled.

This course will examine theologies that have emerged within the Indigenous community in the past two decades which are rooted in Indigenous worldview, social engagement, historical experience with Christian faith, and contemporary issues. 
Following a global overview, several contemporary streams within the Canadian context will form a specific focus of the remainder of the course. Rather than simply focusing on a philosophical approach, this course will examine how articulated biblical theologies and their practice within the Canadian and wider global context, mesh with one another and lead into Indigenous engagement with mission.

See Terry Leblanc's recent article Reclaiming the Word in Sojourners magazine for more information on this topic.

The Rt Rev Mark MacDonald, National Indigenous Anglican Bishop of Canada will be a guest lecturer during this course.


School: Seminary (SEM)

Course Status
This course has been canceled
This course is available as an Audit course

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