Special Topics in Psychology: Shame, Grace and Salvation

Special Topics in Psychology: Shame, Grace and Salvation   [PSYC 4113]

  Course Dates: Monday May 26, 2014 to Friday May 30, 2014
  Faculty: Dr. Michael Hryniuk
Course Description

What is shame? How is it related to sin and guilt?  How do we understand its theological meaning and its particular role in spiritual healing and salvation? This course is an exploration of the psychology of shame and its impact on the growth and development of human personality.  Attention will be given to the role of shame in addiction and psychopathology as well as understanding major approaches to therapeutic intervention. Classical and current theoretical models of shame as a human emotion will be also brought into critical dialogue with biblical, theological and spiritual perspectives with a view toward integrating the disciplines of psychology and theology as they apply to shame, grace and the experience of salvation.
Prerequisites: 12 credit hours in PSYC. 

One-Week Intensive Course
Monday - Friday; May 26 - 30, 2014 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm 

School: University College (UC)

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