The Spirituality of Henri Nouwen

The Spirituality of Henri Nouwen   [SPIR 0615W]

  Course Dates: Monday May 5, 2014 to Friday July 25, 2014
  Faculty: Dr. Wil Hernandez
Course Description

This course revolves around the dynamics of our spiritual life utilizing the insights of Henri Nouwen set against the background theme of spiritual journey.  The main focus will be threefold: the nature of our integrated journey, the reality of our tensional and imperfect spirituality, and the essence of our communally integrated ministry.

First, the course provides a synthesis of Nouwen’s holistic approach to the nature of the inward, outward, and upward spiritual journey—one that integrates spirituality, psychology, ministry, and theology together in a seamless fashion. Second, it is an exploration of Nouwen’s spirituality of imperfection which he embodied throughout his lived experience—where the journey toward perfection is through the realities of tension and imperfection. Finally, it is a demonstrated example of Nouwen’s well-integrated ministry of soul care based upon his integrated yet imperfect spirituality.

School: Seminary (SEM)
This is an Online/Web-based Course

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