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Course Title/Faculty Web Course Code Course Datesort ascending
Urban Ministry in the Canadian Context
Rev. Donald Goertz
No MISS 0621 / PAST 0621
2016-08-22 to 2016-08-26
Old Testament Theology and History
Dr. Grace Ko
No OLDT 0511
2016-07-11 to 2016-07-15
Pentecostal Spirituality
Dr. Van Johnson
No PENT / SPIR 0504
2016-07-11 to 2016-07-15
Sparking Creativity and Change in Ministry
Dr. Dave Overholt
No YMIN / PAST 0598
2016-07-04 to 2016-07-08
Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Marriage and Family Therapy
Janet Kim
No COUN 0671
2016-06-21 to 2016-07-21
Systematic Theology II
Dr. Robert Dean
No THEO 0532
2016-06-21 to 2016-07-21
Hebrew Grammar II
Dr. Gord Oeste
No OLDT 0612
2016-06-20 to 2016-07-25
Elementary Greek II
James Knight (PhD Cand.)
No NEWT 0322
2016-06-20 to 2016-07-25
Evangelism and the Missional Church
Bruxy Cavey
No PAST 0645 / MISS 0783
2016-06-20 to 2016-06-24
Dynamics of the Spiritual Life: The Legacy of Henri Nouwen
Dr. Wil Hernandez
No SPIR 0615
2016-06-13 to 2016-06-17
Violence in Relationships: Therapeutic Perspectives and Approaches
Sharon Ramsay
No COUN 0673
2016-06-10 to 2016-06-25
Nurturing the Spiritual Lives of Children
Rev. Dr. Valerie Michaelson
No CHED 0553
2016-06-06 to 2016-06-10
Theology of the Human Person
Dr. Victor Shepherd
No THEO 0646
2016-06-06 to 2016-06-10
Theology I: Introduction
Dr. Ray Aldred
2016-06-06 to 2016-06-09
Life in the Mess: A Theology of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Dr. David Guretzki
No THEO 0670
2016-05-30 to 2016-06-03
Hermeneutics, Ethics and Holy War
Dr. William Webb
2016-05-30 to 2016-06-03
Indigenous Theology Symposium Seminar
Dr. John McNeill
2016-05-30 to 2016-06-06
Gospel, Culture, and Systems Change
Dr. Julene Pommert
2016-05-28 to 2016-06-01
Indigenous Leadership Development
Dr. Jacqueline Ottmann
2016-05-24 to 2016-05-27
Acts of the Apostles: The Church, the Spirit and the Mission of God
Dr. Martin Mittelstadt
No NEWT 0525 / PENT 0525
2016-05-16 to 2016-05-20