Dr. Jonathan Thompson

Dr. Jonathan Thompson


Dr. Thompson has been a pastor at Carruthers Creek Community Church in Ajax, Ontario since 1998 having established a youth and young adult ministry and then transitioned into the role of senior pastor as of 2005.  Dr. Thompson’s dissertation is entitled: Releasing Prayer: A Biblical, Historical and Praxis Foundation for a Deliverance Ministry at Carruthers Creek Community Church.

Doctorate of Missiology (Spiritual Dynamics): Fuller Theological Seminary-School of Intercultural Studies 2011
MTS (Historic Theology) : Tyndale University College and Seminary 2005
BRS Tyndale University College and Seminary 1998

Areas of Specialization: Spiritual Conflict; Spiritual Theology; Deliverance Ministry and Spiritual Gifts within the local church.

Dr. Thompson is teaching a course on Spiritual Warfare during the Summer 2017 term.