Dr. Michael Hryniuk

Dr. Michael Hryniuk


Dr Michael Hryniuk  holds a doctoral degree in theology and personality theory from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and is the author of Theology, Disability, and Spiritual Transformation: Learning From the Communities of L’Arche as well as numerous articles in the fields of theology, spirituality, youth ministry and religious education.

Dr. Hryniuk is a theologian, speaker, teacher and consultant in the fields of Christian spirituality, contemplative formation and ministry development. His major research and teaching interests are in faith development and the dynamics of healing and conversion in ecclesial communities.

Dr. Hryniuk founded and continues to direct Theosis Resources, a consulting ministry whose mission is to support contemplative formation and spiritual renewal in parishes, schools, dioceses and denominational bodies. He has worked with such organizations as the Henri Nouwen Society, the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project, L’Arche International and the United Nations World Habitat as a consultant and educator.

He currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario and continues to lead workshops, direct retreats and teach Christian spirituality at churches, renewal centers, seminaries, and universities across the United States and Canada. When he is not teaching lectio divina, he enjoys golf, sculpting, and playing blues and jazz on his piano.