Summer at Tyndale

Summer at Tyndale

While you study . . . enjoy . . .


Weekly Chapel Services

Be refreshed spiritually as well as academically. Join the whole Tyndale community on Tuesdays at 11:30 am for our weekly chapel services. Rich music and a variety of speakers enhance this time of worship,  inspiration  and challenge.


Quiet Reflection/ Spiritual Direction

Take time to discern God's voice and presence in your life. Make use of the prayer room, chapel or other private spaces. Sessions with a qualified spiritual director are also available for private, guided reflection, conversation and prayer.

The Community

Your fellow students and professors come from a wide range of Christian traditions, cultures and backgrounds. This is a geat place to share ideas, make new friends and discover the amazing ways of God  expressed in the lives of others.

The Outdoors

Enjoy the warm summer temperatures in our shaded courtyard or visit the nearby park. Bring walking shoes and use your lunch to take a walk on a neighbouring trail through woods and along the East Don River.

Lunch-time Concerts

Occasional lunch time concerts will uplift your day and provide good opportunity for social interaction and relaxation.

City Life

Baseball anyone? Live theatre? Markets? Museums? Shopping? CN Tower? Toronto Islands? Want to see Toronto but don’t want to drive there? You can get downtown by bus and subway for $3. It’s an adventure, and no need to pay for parking either!


Anniversary Events

Summer 2014 will be a very special time as we kick off the celebration of the 120th anniversary of our institution.  Details of the anniversary program will be announced.