Principles and Practices of Mentoring

Diploma of Foundations In Missional Ministry and Church Leadership Professor Teaching

This Course has been postponed till Fall 2018.  Registeration will be open closer to that date.

Course Instructor: Marvin Brubacher - Executive Director of MentorLink Canada

The foundational belief expressed in this course is that leaders develop leaders. Often the emphasis is placed almost exclusively on formal educational systems to provide the means to reproduce leaders. In some situations, leadership development happens more by default than by design.  In this course, the importance of mentoring will be discussed as a key ingredient in developing leaders, especially the kind of leaders who will lead like Jesus.

It will offer a Biblical foundation for mentoring, a challenging look at the heart of a mentor who multiplies leaders, some practical tips to guide a person in their selection of and journey with mentees, and a survey of tools and resources that are available to assist a leader in mentoring.

Principles and Practices of Mentoring Syllabus (PDF)

Course Dates: 9:00am-4:00pm for 4 Saturday sessions

1. First Class

  • Biblical Foundation
  • Definition of Transformational Mentoring
  • Basic Skills in Mentoring
  • Discerning Our Role in God's Strategic Plan

2. Second Class

  • The Leader’s Covenant (Ways to use it/practice)
  • Life Mapping and Transformational Values
  • The Heart of a Leader/Mentor: Parts 1 and 2

3. Third Class

  • The Heart of a Leader/Mentor: Parts 3 and 4
  • Qualities of a Good Mentor

4. Fourth Class

The Heart of a Leader/Mentor: Part 4
Mentoring Movements, Days With Jesus, and Available Tools
Report on Mentoring Activities by Class Members


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