Diploma Overview

Tyndale Intercultural Ministry Centre (TIM Centre) launched the Certificate and Diploma of Foundations in Missional Ministry and Church Leadership in October 2010.

“Every year over 100,000 new immigrants land in Toronto area, about 40% of the national total. Over 2.3 million foreign born people live in Toronto (CMA), this is 46% of the total population”  For churches and leaders to engage in missional ministry in Toronto they will need to be biblically trained and equipped to engage in ministry in our multicultural context. TIM Centre is committed to training leaders for effective Missional Ministry in this diverse multicultural ministry context.

One exciting development, in the contemporary church planting in the Canadian context, is the growth of immigrant churches in urban cities like Toronto. As God continues to bring Spirit-filled Christians from the non-western world to Canada, we can expect to see exciting new church- planting models, which do not fit the typical Canadian paradigm. The Foundations in Missonal Ministry and Church Leadership seeks to provide accessible and affordable training to immigrant church leaders to be certified by the denominations partnering with the TIM Centre. This training will also benefit any leader desiring to be equipped for ministry in multicultural Toronto.

This training is officially recognized by a number of denominations for credentialing leaders to serve in their local churches. TIM Centre's leaders training will have two distinct dimensions. First, there will be basic foundation courses related to Bible Interpretation, OT-NT Survey, Basic Bible Doctrines, and God's Mission and His Church. Completion of these first four courses will result in certification. Second, the missional courses will be part of the Forge –Toronto “ethos” (For more information on the ethos, see Core Values). The completion of four additional courses will then be awarded a full Diploma (this is a non-credit Diploma).

To see the list of course requirements, please go to Curriculum.  For upcoming courses, please go to Next Courses.