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All these courses offered are taken towards the TIM Centre’s Certificate or Diploma in “Foundations of Missional Ministry & Church Leadership."  This training is to prepare any ministry leader to serve, but maybe of interest to those who may not have a recognized theology degree and is seeking to be credentialed within a partner denomination.

Leading Your Congregation in Missional Ministries

Course Instructors: Rev. Dr. Clint Mix and Rev. Dr. Brian Craig

With the mission of God as our reason for existence, we are called to lead, equip and care for the people of God as they engage in that mission.  As church leaders, what are the understandings, skills and practices that serve this mission and the church?  This course will look at who we are as leaders, and how we can grow and develop in our ability to lead effectively and empower others to do the same.  One aspect of the course will be to address the life and character of leadership, and another will address the specific tasks and areas of ministry we are most commonly called to undertake in church ministry.

Course Objectives:
  • Express key aspects of what leaders are called to do in the context of local church ministry
  • Mentor and empower others in mission and ministry
  • Identify your own gifts and tendencies in leadership
  • Practice various skills required for effective leadership
Course Dates:

6 Mondays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm for the following dates:
April 14; May
5, 12, 26; June 2, 9.
1 full Saturday - April 26, 2014


Tyndale University College & Seminary, New Bayview Campus, Auditorium.


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