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All these courses offered are taken towards the TIM Centre’s Certificate or Diploma in “Foundations of Missional Ministry & Church Leadership."  This training is to prepare any ministry leader to serve, but maybe of interest to those who may not have a recognized theology degree and is seeking to be credentialed within a partner denomination.

Bible Interpretation

Course Instructor: Dr. Michael Krause

How to read the Bible for all its worth? Even though most of the Bible was written more than 2000 years ago to people who had different languages and cultures than we do, it still speaks to us today. This process of discovering what the text is really saying in its original context is called exegesis. Interpreting what that text means to us is called hermeneutics. This course is designed to help students read and study the Bible with greater understanding by teaching them the basics of good interpretation for the various types of literature (genres) that make up the Bible. Once we have understood the text and discerned its meaning, we also need to communicate it to others. This course will also incorporate exercises that outline the text to help find the main idea of passage so that it can be taught and preached more effectively – which is Homiletics. Please remember that any time we interpret Scripture we are interpreting language and grammar and sentence structure. This course will require a good basic understanding of the English language. The course is based on the book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart).

Course Dates:

8 sessions from 6:30pm to 9:30pm:
Monday, September 22
Monday, September 29
Monday, October 6
Monday, October 20
Monday, October 27
Monday, November 3
Monday, November 10
Monday, November 17

No class on Thanksgiving - October 13.


Peoples Church

Course Text: $20

Course text can be purchased at Tyndale's bookstore on the Ballyconnor Campus--Remember to tell them you are taking a TIM Centre course. You can also purchase the course text at your first class.


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