Registration for Diploma of Foundations in Missional Training & Church Leadership

The upcoming course is Witnessing to People from World Religions.  Starting in March is Principles and Practices of Mentorship and beginning in April is God's Mission and His Church. For more course syllabus and details click here.

The cost of each course is $300.00.  Students are encouraged to seek financial support from their local church to assist in expenses. Individuals applying for financial assistance from TIM Centre will need to have a recommendation from their local church. Please email your references.  Bring your registration in cash or cheque payable to "Tyndale University College and Seminary" to your first class.  Cheques preffered.  Thank you.

Please fill out the information below to apply for the Diploma of Foundations in Missional Training & Church Leadership. Check off the courses you'd like to register for and your spot will be saved for the class.