Research and Resources

The TIM Centre develops intercultural resources for people living in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities - research and ministry tools for intercultural and urban ministry.


UreachToronto is an internet portal developed by the TIM Centre and its partners for Christians engaged in intercultural ministry. Many Christian denominations and mission agencies, such as the Salvation Army, AIM Canada, CBOQ, and several others collaborate together on UReachToronto.  In 2010, the TIM Centre, World Vision, and the Centre for Community Based Research partnered together in a project called, Beyond the Welcome: Churches Responding to the Immigrant Reality in Canada which looks at how Canadian churches are welcoming new Canadians and makes practical suggestions for improving the relationship.


Ethnoradio is under development by HCJB Global Canada as a means to broadcast media (radio and video) to the major ethnic groups of the world. Our location in one of the most ethnically diverse places on earth gives us access to many languages and the people that speak them.  Nothing is more compelling than a personal story.  Of all the messages you've heard, the most memorable have a story connected with them, with imagery you cannot forget. The mission of Ethnoradio is simple: to give people of every nation the opportunity to hear stories of transformed lives in their own language.  If you have a passion for a particular country or people group we would love to hear from you and give you the opportunity to get involved. 

This website is a portal for audio and video content that communicates the positive message of Jesus.  Go to Ethno-Radio: