Module 3: Prayer Paths to God

The Spiritual Formation Certificate will cycle every other year. Sessions will start again in Fall, 2015.  Stay tuned for registration beginning Summer, 2015.

One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the privilege of communing with Him in prayer.  Yet many describe their prayer life as unfulfilling, even boring. This module is designed to help you develop and experience a deeper quality in your prayer life recognizing this is primary in the process of spiritual formation.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding what prayer is and working toward a more authentic experience of prayer
  • Experience a wide variety of prayer practices and forms throughout the day
  • Develop a deeper commitment to and love for prayer as part of your own spiritual formation
Facilitator: Dr. Barb Haycraft, MA, MTS, DMin, CSD

Barb is currently serving as the Director of the Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre.  Her vision for the Centre is to provide all kinds of opportunities for people to give attention to their souls.   She has a 38 year history on staff with The Navigators, with a strong focus on discipleship ministry.  She is currently teaching and coordinating the Tyndale Practicum internship to train students in the art and practice of spiritual direction and serves as a Supervisor in Spiritual Direction (CSDS).

Date: TBA

Module 3 is $125.00.  Lunch will be provided.  There is a full-time student and Tyndale staff $25.00 reduced fee. You will need to contact the Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre to receive a discount code before registering online in order to receive this discount.