Tyndale Student Life

About Us

Formally, the Tyndale University College Student Association is the official association of the aforementioned institution. The association exists to promote the best possible communication, understanding, and cooperation among administration, faculty, and the TUCSA to the end that the student experience at Tyndale University College may be of highest value to all, and also to encourage spiritual, academic, physical, and social development of TUCSA members in order to further Christian growth, maturity, in line with the mission of the institution.

Informally, we're a bunch of Tyndale students who love Tyndale and the amazing community that exists here. Because we love Tyndale, we want to serve it, so that students no matter where they come from or who they are, have the most well rounded, challenging and yet blessed experience, growing in God, learning who they are, and making awesome friends along the way. How do we do it? Amazing events that help build community and showcase Tyndale talent, ministry opportunities around the city and the globe, and giving the student body a voice on the issues that concern them.

If you want to know more - we'd love to talk! Check out the Profile Page so you know who we are!

The current structure of the Tyndale University College Student Association is as follows:

Executive Team:
  • President
  • Vice President of Activities
  • Vice President of Operations
Student Programming Team:
  • 6 Programming Chairs