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Hello UC Students;

If you are reading this, you've more than likely been accepted as a UC student, congrats!  Now that you are here at Tyndale (or soon will be) allow me to briefly explain what the UC Student Council is and what it does.

Simply put, we try to provide some of the intangible things that make Tyndale awesome.  Alongside the Residence team, Community Group Leaders, intramural captains, and many others, members of the student council are people who love both the body of students and the institution of Tyndale, and know that one cannot thrive without the other.

As a council, most of our effort is focused on developing and organizing big events - ya know...the type that make you feel warm and fuzzy.  The purpose of these events is not just warm fuzzies (though they have their place) but rather to cultivate and celebrate the Tyndale community.  Woohoo for celebrations and cookies and music and juice and pinatas (one day). Amen.

But what does this require of the UC Council?  Planning, advertising, budgeting, and of course setting up the event, cleaning up afterwards, and everything in between.  Don't forget the human connection: chats in the halls, conversation over a meal in the dining hall and dedication to getting to know the community of Tyndale.

Basically all members of student leadership are people who love to see students flourish and have formally committed to the work which makes it happen.  Please introduce yourselves to us once you are here!  We look forward to finally meeting you.


TUCSA President 2016/2017

If you want to know more - we'd love to talk! Check out the Profile Page so you know who we are!

The current structure of the Tyndale University College Student Association is as follows:

Executive Team:
  • President
  • Vice President of Activities
  • Vice President of Finance
Student Programming Team:
  • 7 Programming Chairs