Small Group Request Form

Financial Support

The Student Council has the possibility to provide funding towards your small group. This is to provide the chance for you as a leader to buy study materials, supplies and enable more opportunity to build community. Books and material bought with the council funding remain property of the Student Council. This enables the Student Council and the Discipleship Department to build a library that students in the following years will be able to have access to.

Through partnering alongside Tyndale’s University College Student Association, one must understand the importance of responsibility. This is a responsibility to abide by Tyndale’s Statement of Faith, Tyndale’s Code of Conduct, and an understanding of a partnership with the Student’s Council. As a leader of a small group for the 2011-2012 Academic Year, I accept the responsibility of the above requirements along with a determinism to further the word of God, and of God’s heart.


Thank you very much for your interest and passion to see the people of Tyndale continue to grow deeper in Christ, closer together, and grasp what Tyndale is all about. Continue to pray for this student body and intercede on their behalf. God will honour you for your obedience and determinism to see Him be lifted high.