Executive UC House Council
Left to Right
Vernon (Major: Business Administration), Director of Houses
Mac (Major: Business Administration), UC Student President
Hannah (Major: Business Administration), Director of Communication
Amanda (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology), Director of Program Chairs
House Leaders
Left to Right:
Natasha (Major: Health & Human Services), McRae House
Megan (Major: Human Services), Adrian House
Ben (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology), Boehmer House
Nathan (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology), Harris House
Ryan (Major: Biblical Studies & Theology), Stiller House
Vernon, Director of Houses
Program Chairs
Left to Right:
Amanda, Director of Program Chairs
Hollybeth (Major: Business Administration)
Alyssa (Major: Human Services)
Samm (Major: Psychology)
Amy (Major: Human Services)
Hannah (Majors: Psychology, and Philosophy)