Writing Resources

A variety of style manuals, grammar handbooks and other writing resources are available for use at the Writing and Tutoring Services office. Feel free to come in and browse our shelves!

In-house tip sheets are available as hard copies at our office (E304) and as pdfs.

A close-up view of a row of books on a shelfWe also recommend the following online resources:

Tyndale Links

Documentation Guides

*Check with your instructors to confirm their preferences for particular documentation styles.

ESL Resources

  • English as a Second Language - Ron C. Lee (Ph. D.) has designed a comprehensive site that includes grammar quizzes and exercises, an ESL online talking community, and other useful links.
  • English as a Second Language Online - UsingEnglish.com provides another set of tools and resources for ESL students including forums, quizzes, and grammatical instruction.

Writing Videos

Grammar Sites

  • HyperGrammar (The University of Ottawa) - Covers such topics as grammar usage and writing style
  • GrammarBook.com - A helpful guide to grammar and punctuation with free quizzes to practice and test your knowledge
  • Grammar Girl - Features entertaining and informative articles on several topics

General Writing Guides