What People Are Saying

Here’s what the Tyndale community is saying about the Writing Centre:

“The team at the Writing Centre has had such a great impact on me not only academically – thanks, team! – but also by giving me peace of mind.  Knowing that, in the midst of the heavy work load and the anxiety that comes with it, you have a team of support whose goal is to help you achieve yours assured me.  I had arrived for my first appointment with a ROUGH draft and ideas all over the place, and I simply couldn’t organize myself or my thoughts.  The tutor gave me an hour of her time, dissected everything, asked questions to help me focus and direct my ideas, and, most importantly, left me with the confidence to complete what we worked on.  I am truly grateful for the support of a friendly, welcoming team that is simply there to help, not judge!”

- First-Year Undergraduate Student

“Imagine yourself switching careers, transitioning from a profession that deals with numbers and geography (aviation) to writing theological papers at a seminary. APA, citation, periods, Chicago style, etc. – all of those terms sounded like another planet to me when I first walked into the Writing Centre. But in just a couple of visits, I noticed an improvement in both my writing capabilities and grades on papers. I can't guarantee that whoever goes to the Writing Centre for tips will end up getting only A’s or A+’s but I can assure you that you'll at least boost your writing skills and, most likely, improve your grades. I managed to earn a couple of B+’s and A's after getting the Writing Centre’s support and all of the credit goes back to Lina and her team. Thank you once again for your tremendous support, on behalf of Tyndale's student body.

- Second-Year Seminary Student

“The team in the Writing Centre is one the real strategic advantages of Tyndale, and I constantly recommend them to my students. I have seen massive improvement from one paper to the next and some probing points to the Centre. We need to find a better way to link them to Admissions as a marketing lever.”

-  Seminary Professor

"The Writing Centre is an indispensable resource for my studies at Tyndale. For example, they have helped me to flesh out ideas and to organize and structure my papers. What I appreciate most about the tutors is that they walk you through the paper and allow you to see and understand the issues for yourself rather than tell you, ‘Here is the problem, and this is what you need to do to fix it.’"

- Second-Year Undergraduate Student

“Throughout my time as a tutor at Tyndale I have come to deeply appreciate the great service the Writing Centre provides to students and have been continually blessed by the opportunity to meet, teach, and learn from those who frequent our increasingly busy office. Although I first doubted my ability to make a substantial difference in others’ writing and academic success, I quickly realized, through students’ feedback and progressing writing abilities, the positive influence that I and the other tutors have. Beyond the technical writing assistance we provide, it has been uplifting to see how the Writing Centre’s positive and encouraging environment breaks down the walls of insecurity and hesitation that many students arrive with in regards to their writing. From first year UC students grappling with how to begin their first academic paper to international students hoping to better their English grammar and sentence structure to M.Div. students wanting a second opinion on how to formulate a strong thesis, I have found myself challenged and appreciated by the diverse group of students that I meet each day.

Although I had rarely visited the Writing Centre before beginning as a tutor, I now realize what a wonderful resource it is and the impact our team is having on an increasing number of students. I am excited to see the recent influx of particularly first year students who will be able to benefit from the Writing Centre throughout their entire academic career and can only imagine the wonderful things our team will accomplish as we move to the new campus and serve the growing student body.”

- Fourth-Year Undergraduate Tutor

“I am currently a second year Master of Divinity student.  In the year of 2013 when I started to become a full-timer, I began to meet with tutors once per week, sometimes visiting the Centre with finished papers and other times visiting for general writing 'brush-ups.'  It did not take me long to realize that my writing skills... started to improve after the tutors highlighted my writing problems.  Through the cycle of continuous practice in writing and receiving constructive feedback from the tutors, I started to get a better sense of academic writing and in which areas I need to remain careful.  Today, although writing theological papers remains a challenge to me, I find myself more capable to communicate what I intend to convey and argue in writing.

I really thank the Writing Centre and the tutors for their patience and kindness throughout my past year of learning at Tyndale.  There is no doubt that the tutors’ work and dedication are a blessing to many students.  I pray that more students utilize this service in the future... The Writing Centre’s service has definitely enriched my learning experience at Tyndale and it will surely do the same for others, too.”

- Second-Year Seminary Student