Zoe Campbell

Zoe Campbell

Zoe is a third-year student at Tyndale, doing a double major in Psychology and Health and Human Services: Early Childhood Education Track. She is currently the Director of Organizations in Student Development, where she oversees, supports, encourages, and advises House Leaders and the leaders of Student Organizations as they help provide community development at Tyndale.

Passionate about children and the holistic betterment of their lives, she dedicates her time to children by volunteering in various children ministries and child programs and being involved in many non-profit organizations that focus on child aid. In her volunteering, Zoe aids children in their physical, academic, and spiritual development, as well as support them in any personal passions and discoveries they find.

Her hobbies include learning new cultures through languages, playing the clarinet, and spending time with her three younger siblings.

Zoe lives in Newmarket as the eldest daughter in a beautiful family of six.

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