About the Chancellor's Circle

The Chancellor's Circle

The Chancellor’s Circle

MISSION:  to cultivate Tyndale’s credibility, profile and stature in the broader community.

Members of the Chancellor’s Circle are ambassadors for Tyndale and will act as a think tank and advisory team to the Chancellor. The Circle is comprised of individuals invited from the broader community.  An executive advisor, appointed by the Chancellor, will act as a liaison with the Cabinet and Board of Governors. The academic deans and faculty will be invited to share their valued input on initiatives envisioned by the Chancellor’s Circle.

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Our mandate is to:

  • Create a public awareness of Tyndale as an emerging university
  • Nurture a living synergy between Tyndale and its external communities
  • Provide opportunities for existing Tyndale students to develop entrepreneurial ways to impact a community or organization
  • Assist and support, as appropriate, any Tyndale fundraising event


To fulfill our mandate, we will:

  • Develop Tyndale’s capacity to be an excellent Christian academic university
  • Develop a public voice for Tyndale in both the private and public sector
  • Bring the external community on campus to connect and explore ways for Tyndale to be more proactive in being a part of the world
  • Develop scholarships for existing students to continue their education at Tyndale and/or for designated entrepreneurial projects
  • Where and when appropriate, represent Tyndale in the public university setting


We will accomplish these goals by:

  • Planning special events in collaboration with regularly planned events at Tyndale (e.g. Christmas in the Chapel, convocation, etc.)
  • Creating special forums, panel discussions on higher education
  • Design mentorship programs (job shadowing, co-op sessions, workplace visits, volunteerism, etc.)
  • Create special mini events to gather together individuals who have a current/past/projected link with Tyndale ( e.g. past honorary degree recipients, board members, special alumni, etc.)
  • Networking with others to develop a passionate interest to support Tyndale

Current Chancellor’s Circle initiatives

  • Chancellor’s Reception at Christmas in the Chapel
  • University Presidential Roundtable Discussion on Academic Reform
  • Easter Music Celebration
  • Chancellor’s Circle Entrepreneurial Award to Tyndale undergraduate and graduate students