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Toronto Bible Training School | 1894-08

Establishment of Toronto Bible Training School (TBTS) by Elmore Harris at Walmer Road Baptist Church, Toronto

TBTS - Fun Facts | 1894-09

1894: Toronto Bible Training School started with 138 students.

TBTS - Fun Facts | 1895-01

1895: Toronto Bible Training School had eight different denominations among students.

TBTS - Fun Facts | 1901-01

1901: A class in elementary medical science was established for students interested in pursuing foreign missionary service

John McNicol | 1906-09

John McNicol was principal for 40 years

Toronto Bible College | 1912-01

In 1912, the name is changed to Toronto Bible College (TBC).

Annual Graduation | 1920-05

In the 1920s, the annual graduation held at the Varsity Arena at the University of Toronto becomes one of Toronto's largest annual religious events.

TBC Moves | 1929-03

TBC moves from 110 College Street to 16 Spadina Road.

London Bible Institute | 1935-09

In 1935, London Bible Institute (LBI, later called the London College of Bible and Missions - LCBM) is founded in London, Ontario. Dr. Wilmot Mahood is founding president.

LBI/LCBM - Fun Facts | 1936-01

1936: LBI/LCBM started with 52 students.

LBI/LCBM - Fun Facts | 1939-04

1939: The first edition of the LBI Chimes (student periodical) was published.

LBI/LCBM - Fun Facts | 1954-01

1954: The LBI Chorale toured on a bus for 13 days.

TBC Celebrates 70th Anniversary | 1964-09

An audio clip sample of the Toronto Bible College celebrating their 70th anniversary. Audio is also available in the Tyndale SoundCloud Stream. [Transcript available]

LBI/LCBM - Fun Facts | 1967-01

1967: LBI Chorale records its first album. Over 1,600 records were sold.

OBC - Fun Facts | 1968-01

1968: Ontario Bible College started with 341 students.
1968: There was a 'dial-a-thought' ministry where people called in to receive an inspirational message.

Ontario Bible College | 1968-06

In 1968, TBC and LCBM merge to form Ontario Bible College (OBC) on Spadina Road, Toronto.

OBC - Fun Facts | 1970-01

1970: The first Ontario Leadership Prayer Breakfast was held on April 16. One thousand members of legislative, legal, educational, business and religious communities attended.

OTS - Fun Facts | 1976-01

1976: Ontario Theological Seminary started with 42 students.

OBC Relocates | 1976-06

In 1976, OBC relocates to 25 Ballyconnor Court, Toronto with the purchase of Regis College. Ontario Theological Seminary (OTS), a graduate school is also established.

OTS - Fun Facts | 1978-01

As of 1978: 40% of graduates had pursued careers in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

OBC - Fun Facts | 1980-01

1980: OBC Music Ministry groups travelled to many churches to minister in music and testimony.

OTS - Fun Facts | 1980-01

1980: 57 enrolled in MDiv, 37 in MTS, 11 in Certificate courses and 11 in Unclassified courses.

Pastoral and Chinese Ministry (PCM) | 1988-03

In 1988, Pastoral and Chinese Ministry (PCM) is established.

Financial Challenges | 1995-06

In 1995, the school endures financial challenges and emerges with a clearer and stronger vision.

Tyndale College | 1998-04

The name Tyndale College was adopted to honour William Tyndale.

OTS - Fun Facts | 1998-07

1998: Tyndale changed its web address from obcots.on.ca to tyndale-canada.edu

TIM Centre | 1998-09

Tyndale Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre is established.

Hudson Taylor Centre | 2001-09

The Hudson Taylor Centre is established.

Psychology | 2001-09

The Psychology program is established.

Chair of Leadership | 2002-05

The Chair of Leadership is established. Dr. Jeffrey P. Greenman is appointed as the first Chair.

Business Administration | 2002-09

The Business Administration program is established.

Tyndale University College & Seminary | 2003-01

In 2003, Tyndale receives university status from the Ontario government; the school's name is changed to Tyndale University College & Seminary.

Tyndale - Fun Facts | 2003-04

2003: Tyndale University College had 400 students.
2003: The J. William Horsey Library launched its first automated library system, OnTRAC.

Human Services | 2003-09

The Human Services program is established.

Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Tyndale Seminary (CCSTTS) | 2005-09

In 2005, the Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Tyndale Seminary (CCSTTS) is launched to offer the Master of Divinity degree program in the Mandarin language.

Tyndale - Fun Facts | 2005-10

2005: The Paul & Eleanor Henderson Bursary was established to annually award $10,000 to assist one Tyndale student.

Morrow Park | 2006-05

Tyndale and the Sisters of St. Joseph sign an agreement to purchase Morrow Parkon Bayview Avenue, Toronto.

Bachelor of Education | 2007-01

Tyndale is approved by the government of Ontario and the Ontario College of Teachers to offer a Bachelor of Education.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) | 2007-03

Tyndale Seminary is approved by the Association of Theological Schools to offer a Doctor of Ministry.

Business Administration - International Development | 2007-09

The Business Administration International Development program is established.

Open Learning Begins | 2007-10

In 2007, the online program, Open Learning, began in October.

First BEd Cohort | 2008-07

In 2008, the first cohort of the Bachelor of Education program began in July.

First DMin Cohort | 2009-05

In 2009, the first cohort of the Doctor of Ministry program began in May.

Van Norman Chair of Business | 2011-05

In 2011, Tyndale announces the establishment of the Van Norman Chair of Business, made possible through an endowment by Ian and Alice Van Norman.

Tyndale Rebrands | 2011-08

Tyndale refreshes is its brand to reflect what the community describes it as: bold, challenge, inspire and community.

Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education | 2012-01

Tyndale and the Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education (ACCTE) sign a long-term agreement to provide theological education in the Chinese language.

Tyndale and NAIITS Sign Agreement | 2012-11

In 2012, Tyndale and the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS) sign an agreement to offer a Master of Theological Studies for Indigenous Studies.

Tyndale Occupies the Bayview Campus | 2013-03

In 2013, Tyndale receives full occupancy of the Bayview campus Mother House from the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Happy Birthday Tyndale | 2014-08

In 2014, Tyndale celebrates its 120th Anniversary.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony | 2015-09

In September of 2015, Tyndale held its official Campus Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

MTS – Salvation Army Studies | 2016-04

Tyndale Seminary and Booth University College signed a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding to offer a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) – Salvation Army Studies.

MTS – Pentecostal Studies | 2016-05

As part of the celebration of a 20-year partnership between Tyndale Seminary and Master’s Seminary, the two schools signed a new  Memorandum of Understanding to launch the Master of Theological Studies (MTS)  – Pentecostal Studies program.

Clinical Track Officially Recognized | 2017–01

The Seminary’s Master of Divinity (MDiv) Counselling – Clinical Track is officially recognized by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

New Agreement Signed | 2018–01

Tyndale Seminary and the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary sign a new agreement to offer a graduate program in Evangelical Anabaptist Studies.

BA in Music | 2018–03

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music is established.

New Seminary Program | 2018–03

The Pastoral Ministry: New Generation Multicultural Church degree is established.

BA in International Development | 2018–05

The Bachelor of Arts in International Development degree is established.

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