Midterm Report

What is it?

The Midterm Report is a collaborative report run by the Centre for Academic Excellence in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar and the undergraduate Faculty. It is generated at the midpoint of the Fall and Winter semesters, and it is designed to give the Centre a picture of the academic progress of all first year undergraduate students and returning undergrads who require additional academic support.

What can you expect?

If you are a first year student, or a student requiring additional academic support, you can expect to hear from an Academic Advisor or a member of the Registration staff shortly after the midterm point of the semester. Students' grades are based on preliminary work in each class and will be evaluated to determine if any intervention is needed. These grades cannot be considered final, only a reflection of work completed to the point of submission by the faculty.

Students who are deemed in need some intervention can expect to be invited to a meeting. These meetings are for your benefit and should be considered mandatory. Missing these meetings can make it challenging for us to advocate for you should you have any needs or require assistance later on in the semester. 

If you are performing well you will receive an email encouraging you to keep up the good work.