Quick Tips

Students sitting in class smiling and looking at the front of the room

Keep a Copy of Your Major Sheet

The major sheet lists all the academic requirements you must complete in order to graduate. It is important that you keep a copy of your program sheet from your first year of studies.  Even though changes to your program may occur from year to year, you are audited against the curriculum outlined in your entrance year when you apply to graduate.   Transfer students would have received a personalized program sheet when they received the results of their transfer credit evaluation.

Check Your MyTyndale Email Account

It is your responsibility to monitor your mytyndale email account to ensure you have updated information.  All campus-wide announcements and faculty and staff communication will be sent to this email. It is very important you check this email account daily.

Check Your Course Pages

Each class you register for has its own course page online.  This page will house the syllabus, class announcements, handouts, and links to important resources. It is very important you check your course pages often.

Monitor Your Attendance

Students are required to swipe their student ID card on card readers located outside every classroom.  If an ID card is not swiped correctly, you may be marked absent.  It is your responsiblity to check each course page and ensure your attendance is accurate. Discrepancies must be reported to your professor immediately.  Late requests for adjustments may not be approved.

Create an Academic Plan

Students are more successful when they plan ahead.  Keep track of all course readings and requirements, deadlines, personal commitments, and appointments.  Take time at the beginning of each semester to create this plan and revisit it often.  Advising Services is available for assistance if you wou need help.

Use resources like the Writing and Tutoring Services to help make sure you succeed. 

Course Registration Help

The Office of the Registrar is your key resource for information related to course enrollment, important dates, final exams, official documents, and school policies.  Visit their website often and look through their tip sheets for step-by-step instructions on how to access information.  They also send campus-wide annoucement with important information. Be sure to read all communication that comes from them.