The CAE Guide to Online Learning

It's hard to imagine that a few months ago, most of us hadn't even heard of Zoom! Whether you're taking an online course by choice or to finish your degree in the middle of a global pandemic, we're here to help. Learning online can take some getting used to, which is why the Centre for Academic Excellence has compiled a list of links, tip sheets, and other resources to help you navigate the digital classroom experience. 

Main Student Websites

a preview of the myTyndale website, including links to

The easiest way to access your myTyndale email account. You can also register for courses, find tuition payment schedules, check your account balance, access your grades, and view the Tyndale classifieds.
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Also known as Moodle, this is where you can find all your course information, including syllabi, assignments, and forums. You can also find various students resources, IT support, and the CAE's online booking software.
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CAE Services

Accessibility Services

This office exists to ensure equal educational access at Tyndale. Led by the Accessibility Specialist, this office facilitates the learning of students with temporary and permanent disabilities by providing individual accommodation plans. Academic accommodations are available for online courses. 

Academic Advising

Academic coaching for Tyndale students of all disciplines. Services include course selection and program advising, study strategy training, and accountability with time management. Students can email the Academic Advising Specialist to request an online advising appointment. 

Writing and Tutoring Services

Supervised by the Learning Specialist and staffed by a team of skilled and approachable student assistants, this office provides two kinds of support: Academic Tutoring and Writing Consultation. We are offering online Writing Consultations over the spring/summer semester. 

WC Online

The CAE's Online Booking Service

Writing and Tutoring Services offers online consultation options for all students. Our team works with you on your assignments to help you improve your writing. Visit our website for more information, or click below to book a Teams Video Call or Written Feedback appointment with us.

Book on WC Online

Some Useful Tip Sheets

What's in the Library?

Libraries aren't just for books anymore! The Tyndale Library is filled with online resources. Search our entire collection using the WordCat search engine, or look for journal articles on a specific topic using our Periodical Databases (just make sure they're Peer Reviewed!). Our Research Guides provide lots of information about library services, and if you're left with questions, visit our LibAnswers FAQ or contact the library directly.

Other Tyndale Supports

Student Discounts

Did you know that as a student, you have access to discounted (or free) rates to services like Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music, public transit, and more? Check your favourite service now for rates!