Information for Students

  UPDATED: Accessibility Services will continue to run remotely for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester. For information regarding how accommodations have transitioned online, please see the 'Online Accommodations FAQ's' resource found in the Policies, Procedures, & Forms tab.

Welcome Prospective and Current Students! 

Accessibility Services supports students individually based on the needs of their disability. We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the processes and procedures of the office and follow them accordingly. If you have any questions, contact the Accessibility Specialist by dropping by the office or book an appointment.

Use this section to learn: 

- New students must register with Accessibility Services at the beginning of the school year or as early as possible
- Current students must renew their plan each semester

Follow our easy steps to register with Accessibility Services

More information for students:

Register for Services
Follow the steps to register with Accessibility Services
Check you have appropriate medical information
Book an appointment
Talk to your Accessibility Specialist