Types of Accommodations

Accessibility Services offers the following types of accommodations to students registered with the office:

Classroom accommodations

These are accommodations that enable students with disabilities to access instructional material in the classroom. It includes accommodations such as the use of a note-taker, access to professor's notes/slides, use of a lecture recorder, sign language interpreter, FM systems, etc.

Test and Exam accommodations

These accommodations enable students with disabilities to demonstrate their learning equally as the rest of their classmates. Common accommodations include the use of separate or private space, extra time, use of a computer, amongst many others.

Assignment accommodations

Students with disabilities may require accommodations in order to complete assignments and projects. These may include approved extensions, managing the workflow of larger assignments amongst other supports.

Environmental accommodations

These accommodation allow students with disabilities to participate in their academic environment. Accommodations may consist of the use of a service animal, designated seat, residence accommodations, etc.

All approved accommodations are stated on the student's Letter of Accommodation (LoA) - this serves as a formal document and will be sent as an email to students' professors on their behalf. These letters are confidential and will not include any disability related information. They are communicated only to those who are working directly with the student given their consent.

Key Information

  • New students must register with Accessibility Services at the beginning of the school year or as early as possible to access any accommodations
  • Current students must renew their plan each semester to use approved accommodations

Next steps:

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