Accommodations Explained

Academic and Residence accommodations are supports and services that allow students with disabilities the ability to participate in their academic environment by minimizing or removing identified barriers. Accessibility Services works with students collaboratively to evaluate the limitations of their disability and determine appropriate accommodations to ensure equal access to post-secondary education.  

We adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Commission's (OHRC) principles of accommodation in developing and implementing appropriate supports for students. All accommodations are individualized to the student's unique needs while respecting their dignity to fully integrate and participate in their learning. 

With accommodations, students with disabilities are expected to complete the same institutional and program requirements as other students. Accommodations do not give students an advantage over other students or alter the academic rigour of the course, program and/or institution -  to the contrary, it levels the playing field so students with disabilities can become successful.

We provide students with disabilities permanent, temporary and interim accommodations:
Permanent accommodations: services and supports provided to students with permanent disabilities. The Canadian Student Loan program defines permanent disability as "a functional limitation caused by a physical or mental impairment that restricts the ability" of a student "to perform the daily activities necessary to participate in students at a post-secondary level of the labour force and is expected to remain with a student for his/her expected life" (DD.Gov. of Canada, Section 4.5, 2003).
Temporary accommodations: services and supports available for a period of time, as established by the anticipated duration of the disability
Interim accommodations: supports and services provided to students who are in the process of being assessed for a disability. These accommodation requests are evaluated individually and students must contact Accessibility Services as early as possible. Interim accommodations are limited and may change depending on the medical assessment. 

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