Visiting Student Admission Requirements

There are four types of visiting students:
To be admitted, you need to:
  1. Have an undergraduate degree
  2. Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant (international students may take online courses from their home country)
  3. Meet Tyndale’s English language requirements

Occasional Student
  • This option is for you if you completed a baccalaureate degree and wish to take graduate-level coursework before formally applying to a degree program.
  • You may normally complete five courses for credit, which may be applied to a program of study at Tyndale Seminary. This may be extended in consultation with the Program Coordinator.
  • If you subsequently desire to pursue a degree or diploma program, you must meet regular admissions standards and go through the full application process.
  • Admission as an Occasional Student does not guarantee acceptance into a degree or diploma program at Tyndale Seminary. To be considered for Occasional Student status, complete the Visiting Student Application Form at

Post-Graduate Certification Students
  • This option is for you if wish to complete coursework required for post-graduate certification, like the AAMFT (counselling) certification or the Certified Spiritual Director (CSD) designation.
  • You must have already completed a master's degree
  • You must contact the Major Coordinator to discuss course enrollment and receive approval for enrollment in restricted courses:
    • Dr. Susan Ellfeldt, Counselling Major Coordinator
      416-226-6620 ext. 6787 or sellfeldt [at] tyndale [dot] ca
    • Dr. David Sherbino, Spiritual Formation Major Coordinator
      416-226-6620 ext. 6741 or dsherb [at] tyndale [dot] ca

Admission by Letter of Permission (LOP)
  • This option is for you if you are registered at another graduate theological institution. You are eligible to take courses at Tyndale Seminary provided that you submit a Letter of Permission from your home institution.
  • This letter should indicate the course(s) you wish to take and your current academic standing. If any of the desired courses require the completion of prerequisites, you must provide proof that the requirements have been met. This can be indicated in the Letter of Permission or by submission of a transcript.
  • At least three weeks prior to the end of the term, you must contact the Office of the Registrar to finalize the official transfer of grades.
  • To apply for Admission on a Letter of Permission, complete the Visiting Student Application form at

Audit Students
  • This option is for you if you wish to audit a course for non-credit purposes.
  • You are not required to fulfill the course work requirements, but must adhere to normal attendance requirements. The instructor is under no obligation to grade any materials submitted by you.
  • You may be restricted from certain classes and the number of audit students per class may be limited.
  • To audit a course at Tyndale University, complete the Visiting Student Application Form at
  • If you decide to change a course from audit to credit, you must do so within the first two weeks of the semester.