Admissions Requirements for Home-Schooled Students

Admissions Requirements for Home-Schooled Students

You are currently a home-schooled student or you have recently completed your high school equivalence through homeschooling. This is the place for you! Check below for the admission requirements. If you meet these requirements, start your application today.

The process is really easy and we are here to help. To find out more about Tyndale you can explore the different programs, Tyndale student life, or you can connect with one of our Admissions Counsellors — they can answer any questions you may have. We are here to make this experience fast and easy, to assist you in pursuing your passions.

Admissions Requirements

If you are unable to present province/state-examined matriculation subjects, you will be evaluated personally in order to gauge if you are ready for university-level studies.

The admission requirements for Tyndale is a minimum combined SAT score of 950 (out of 1600) or 1420 (out of 2400), or an ACT score of 20, or a CLT test score of a minimum of 58 (out of 120). An educational background, including a list of courses taken and textbooks required for each course, must also be provided to serve as a transcript.