Amanda Goodison, RECE

Posted: May 29, 2020 by Amanda Goodison
Tyndale Class of 2019

I’m an RECE with the YMCA. Like many people, I was laid off due to the Corona Virus. When I began to feel bored like everyone else, the Y sent out an email to all their staff in child care asking if they would like to work in an Emergency Child Care Centre. I didn’t respond at first due to health reasons. But, after thinking about it, I sent in my preference of time and days of when I would like to work, and the locations that I wouldn’t mind travelling to.

Then, I got the call from the General Manager of the department that I fall under, and she had asked me if I am willing to travel. Again, I didn’t want to. But she reassured me that my travels will be covered on top of the pay increase I was getting. I said I’ll do it. Still feeling scared after talking to one the supervisors of the centre I would be working in, I felt at ease when we had an orientation for the centre while running into someone that I had met when I first started working with the Y. I’m glad I am helping our frontline workers as they are doing so much for us. #staysafe

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