Dr. Stewart Brown

Posted: January 13, 2016 by Stewart Brown
Ontario Theological Seminary Class of 1985

I am a graduate of Ontario Bible College (1977) and the seminary (1985). My degree from Brock U. preceded my time at OBC/OTS. Then,I proceeded to acquire a doctor of Ministry degree from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. while pastoring a church.

Since 2010, My ministry has focused on preaching, speaking and teaching seminars on themes such as "Encouraging Mentors" , "Creating a Continuously Welcoming Church Culture" , and "Teamwork Essentials" (for the work place).Recent seminars have been taught Chatham, and in Toronto( The Peoples Church) In addition to this, I have recently joined Action International Ministries in teaching in other nations, focused since 2011 on Cuba and ,most recently, Peru . My publications include "Majesty in Motion: Creating An Encouragement Culture in all your Relationships", with printings also in Spanish (Cuba-January 2015) and for Peru ( November,2015). My web site is : www.oneheartministries.ca

Teaching seminar

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